Pilot Project – Best Western Teams Up with Vocal Science!

We have exciting news for future clients who will be travelling to us from out-of-town/out-of-country, for our 30 hours of instruction and treatment (official protocol).

As a pilot project, we at The Royans Professional Vocal School, have teamed up with the Best Western Voyager Hotel (Located nearby us in Newmarket – Holland Landing, Ontario) to bring premium-quality loggings for out-of-town and out-of-country voice repair clients who will experience a conformable stay which will, no doubt, help them to derive even more benefits for their voice treatment and recovery!

This above-described hotel experience will be offered as a complimentary service –  provided by us!!
If you have any questions or would like more information about the above, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Vocal Science welcomes two new singing/voice repair clients!

We at The Royans Professional Vocal School & The Royans Institute for Surgical Voice Repair would like to welcome two new singing students/clients from out-of-country who will be coming shortly to acquire our non-surgical voice repair services!

The speech and singing voice repair client (Sue Chick D) will be coming to us on April the 30th from Canmore, Alberta.

The singing voice repair client (Alberto Mauiztic)  has arrived to Toronto, Canada today from Cozumel, Mexico. The singing voice repair client (Jon Synnestvedt) will be coming to us on April the 15th from Detroit, Michigan USA.

Stay tuned for more.

March 15th North York Vocal Science Presentation Meet-up Success!

The Royans Professional Vocal School & The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, conducted a North York Vocal Science Presentation Meetup on March the 15th & which took place at the Edithvale Community Centre  – Dempsey (Room 102) 131 Finch Ave West!

We had a few great, well-rounded participants who had experienced a taste of what the Vocal Science Method can do for their speaking and singing voices!

If you would like to participate in exciting and educational events like this one, check out our site’s Healthy Voice Workshops page for more info about additional workshop dates, including our  May 6th Workshop.

Inquire About Our Educational And Simply Amazing Events Coming Your Way!

Attention Everyone!
We would like to inform you that all of our specials and promotions will be gone on March the 15th inclusively! So hurry to catch our best prices to be offered to you for our best and unprecedented services concerning your speaking/singing voice and your wellbeing overall!

Also, inquire about our Vocal Science™ Guest Presentations to be held on March the 15th at Edithvale Community Centre – Dempsey Room 102. 

Address: 131 Finch Ave W, North York, ON M2N 2H8

Informal gathering start time: 6:15 PM

Presentation start time: 7:00 PM

End Time: 9:00 PM

And to be held on March the 18th at the Bon Appetit Factory.

Address: 16655 Yonge St #25, Newmarket, ON L3X 1V6

Informal gathering start time: 3:00 PM

Start Time: 3:15 / 3:30 PM

End Time: 5:30 PM

The cost for both events is only $12.

For the event on March the 18th, coffee or tea, with a European pastry of your choice, will be included in the above-indicated price!

For the latter participation confirmation and registration, please contact us:

We will be happy to see you for the above-posted educational and fun events! 🙂


We are your Voice Associates…

Find out how we can assist you with your voice/vocal issues in a fast and efficient manner.

We produce authentic and simply astonishing results…!!
We guarantee you that we employ our best efforts to achieve the best results possible! 

The Vocal Science™ Method is the true revolution of the century!


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(Complete) July 8th healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop!

Our July 8th Vocal Science Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit, 2018 now Complete!

Overall, these workshops are designed for everyday people who rely on their voices for work & everyday life, as well as professionals (speakers and singers)!

These workshops are also designed to teach you how to apply a unique and revolutionary voice/vocal technique that will increase the vocal longevity and maintain the health of ones’ speaking and singing voice!

For more information on how you can participate in these events, check out our workshops section (within our sister site – vocalscience.com) for the latest  info or Contact Us:

New Article about Voice Damage!

“This is your riddle: You Have Voice Damage… How would you choose to fix it?”

To solve this riddle which highlights the importance of what it takes to non-surgically restore one’s voice, check out our informative article. You can view this article by clicking on the title above.