Post-Course Letter #2 from voice repair client, singer/songwriter, Jon Synnestvedt.

we had received yet another testimonial from our recent voice repair client, singer/songwriter, Jon Synnestvedt of Detroit Michigan.

We are delighted to share it with you.
Please see below.

“Hi again Diana,
I can’t wait to get back down there to you.
I was singing today and said to myself, “that sounds pretty freaking good! Holy crap!”- Jon

Post-Course Letter from voice repair client, singer/songwriter, Jon S.

Below, in text format, is just a portion of the level of success that our previous voice repair client (Mr. Jon Synnestvedt – singer/songwriter from Detroit Michigan!) had experienced – after the completion of only 10 hours of our unique non-surgical voice repair program! Way to go Jon! We are looking forward to part II of our joint vocal venture! –

“Diana, I am looking forward to our next session together. With your guidance, I have made some noticeable improvements since my first time working with you and am working my way back to heal my voice from the damage I’ve inflicted upon myself after singing improperly all these years.
See you soon!” – Jon

Voice Repair Client, Jon S – 10 Hrs of Treatment Completed.

We are happy to announce that we have completed the first 10 hours of our unique non-surgical voice repair program with Mr. Jon Synnestvedt – singer/songwriter from Detroit Michigan!

Stay tuned to hear Jon’s success story with respect of his voice repair journey!
(…10 hours of instruction and treatment to date, and counting…).

Welcoming Our New Voice Repair client | Singer/Songwriter, Jon S

We are happy to announce that, on this weekend, (April the 15th, onward), we will be welcoming a new singer/songwriter from out-of country who is in need of singing voice repair!
Stay tuned to hear Jon Synnestvedt’s success story, after the completion of his voice repair journey with us.

Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit – July 8th, 2018: Complete!

For those looking to join our May 6th Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit, It has officially sold out. Also, our July the 8th 2018 workshop is complete.

For more info, visit our Healthy Voice Workshop section of our sister site ( To Participate in future workshops and other events, contact us!