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2018 Vocal Science Black Friday and Cyber Monday Event!

– Attention Local and International clients! –

Black Friday Event

2 days only…
(we will be kind enough to include the weekend as well)
Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Save 13% Tax on ALL of our courses and workshops!

For international clients:
Pay us in Canadian currency for all of our courses and workshops and save an additional 35% – 40% on the currency exchange!!
We would FINALLY like to meet you in person!

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Sue D’s Testimonial – “Ahead and Only Ahead”.

We would like to present you with an inspirational testimonial from Sue Chick D, a singer/songwriter from Canmore Alberta. She came to Diana suffering from a damaged voice due to a polyp on her vocal cord. With the help of Diana’s Vocal Science(TM) Program, not only was Diana able to completely and non-surgically dissolve her vocal polyp, but she was also able to restore and enhance her speaking and singing voice!

– To read Sue’s full testimonial, click HERE –

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February 24th, 2018 – Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop info!

This is a special Vocal Science Voice/Vocal Workshop, which is dedicated to the 35th year of The Royans Professional Vocal School, aka, The Royans School for the Musical Performing Arts!

Vocal Science Workshop - February 24th 2018

There are currently 4 spots remaining for our this workshop.

Hurry to make it yours!

To take part in this informative and fun event, designed to show you what it takes to restore and/or improve your speaking or singing voice, contact us today! 416-857-8741 |

Also, more info about our events can be found in the Healthy Voice Workshops Page on our sister site –

December 9th Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop! – Dedicated to the Winter Holidays!

For past, present & future participants of our Vocal Science Workshop Summits! join us in our December 9th, 2018 Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop – dedicated to the upcoming winter holidays!

Our upcoming December 9th  workshop, Healthy Voice? Vocal Workshop Is now sold out. 

Sep 23rd & Sep 30th Vocal Workshop Success!

ATTENTION! Our September 23rd and September 30th, 2018 Healthy Voice/Vocal workshop are OFFICIALLY COMPLETE and has been a huge success!

Within this workshop, we had the pleasure of showing our very enthusiastic and well-rounded participants a taste of what the Vocal Science Method can do for their speaking and singing voices!

Check out the testimonials from our participants who took part in this fun & educational event, by clicking HERE.

To take part in our other informative and fun events, designed to show you what it takes to restore and/or improve your speaking or singing voice…, contact us today! 416-857-8741 |

Also, more info about our events can be found in the Healthy Voice Workshops Page on our sister site –

Maggie Yuan – Testimonial.

Attention Muscle Tension Dysphonia Sufferers!

Check out this wonderful testimonial written by one of our current voice repair clients – University of Toronto Graduate, Digital Marketing Expert Maggie Yuan.

“Since being diagnosed with muscle tension dysphonia 7 years ago, I had given up hope after seeing various speech therapists and doctors with no results. It was only after discovering Diana and taking up on her unique approach that I finally began to witness real changes and drastic improvements in my voice. She was able to lift my voice to a completely new set of facial muscles and holistically heal my damaged vocal cords. It’s by no means an easy or quick fix, but she definitely has the real and only solution I know. The great improvements in my voice after just a few sets of hours have proven her methods truly do work. Diana has given me restored hope in fully recovering my voice from MTD!” 

– Maggie Yuan: University of Toronto Graduate, Digital Marketing 

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Information on how we treat Chronic Voice Hoarseness, Constant Throat Clearing, and Sore Throats!

Has the quality of your voice been compromised due to chronic hoarseness? An Alternative Method of Speech Therapy may be the answer for the treatment of a raspy and hoarse voice.

If interested in learning how this can be done, you are more then welcome to check out our linked article HERE.

Vocal Science™ Coming to the UK – From Sept 16th to Sept 23rd!

Attention residents of the United Kingdom and other European countries! 

Ms. Diana Yampolsky – The World-Renowned Master Vocal Coach/Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist, will be working out of London U.K,  from August the 16th through August the 23rd (and counting), 2018.

If you are interested in a unique approach to speaking and/or singing voice mechanics or are in need of our revolutionary Non-Surgical Voice Repair services, please contact Ms. Yampolsky directly!

Alisa B – Testimonial 2

We would like to introduce you to Alisa B – French teacher of Stouffville, Ontario, who attended one of our latest workshops. In this workshop, she (and of course, other participants) witnessed the transformation of the aforementioned Rich W of the Chicago area, Illinois.

Please see her comments below:

“At the beginning, Rich was very quiet and reserved. As the workshop progressed, with Diana’s personalized approach and encouragement, I noticed he became more animated. Not only did the voice improve and become more clear, but the countenance of the face lifted. This made me realize that the voice is truly connected to the soul and rest of the body. If your voice is struggling, it is only a symptom of other struggles in life, such as emotional pain or physical health. As Diana helps set the voice in order, you can see right away that those other areas are receiving the benefit as well.” – Alisa Boukine, OCT, BA, BEd

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Vocal Science Testimonial from Lisa

The strength of my voice has also significantly improved.

Check out the wonderful Testimonial/Case Study from Math Teacher & Computer Scientist from Mount Albert, Ontario. Lisa O!

The strength of my voice has also significantly improved.  As I’m putting Diana’s amazing technique into muscle memory, I’m achieving greater vocal power and the sound I produce is directed and clear.  On top of these things, and much to my satisfaction, the quality of my voice has also greatly improved.  I continue to receive compliments on my singing and my confidence level has greatly increased.  Long story short, what Diana has delivered to me is beyond my expectations and I look forward to continuing to work with her.  I’m excited to see what the next level in my vocal ability will look like.”

– Lisa

To see Lisa’s full testimonial & extensive case-study Logs, Click HERE