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Press Release of Non-Surgical Voice Repair Miracles

Learn about repairing vocal damage and vocal related problems through the Vocal Science™ method: A unique, holistic and non-invasive approach to voice mechanics, using specific speech and singing exercises as well as natural herbs and remedies.

Poor vocal technique and lack of knowledge of proper biomechanics in singing and in speech can cause tremendous damage to your vocal anatomy. Some of these conditions, just to name a few, can develop into nodes, nodules, polyps, vocal cord paralysis (paresis), cysts, muscle tension dysphonia, spasmodic dysphonia, thus jeopardizing or even ending one’s singing or speaking career. These conditions are even plaguing some Top 40 singers and even a prominent computer company CEO comes to mind. According to the founder of the Vocal Science™ method, Diana Yampolsky, vocal injuries deemed by traditional medical science as ‘‘irreparable‘‘, can actually be non-surgically repaired .

Take the case of throat cancer survivor Tim Bristol of Niagara Falls, NY. The doctors and experts told him he would not be able to sing post-throat cancer surgery and that according to them, ‘nothing can be done, be happy for what you have left’. However, after 10 hours of voice repair sessions and natural treatments, as well as, 10 hours of group vocal instruction, Tim proudly exclaimed that ‘‘You (Diana Yampolsky) have proved them (doctors, experts) wrong with your vocal approach¨ and now Tim is ¨singing away¨ with vocal improvements each week.

Or take the case of Evie B, a UK opera singer whose voice was damaged by her ¨so called singing tutor¨ at a UK arts college. Evie was diagnosed with severe medical issues including obstruction on the right side of vocal box, muscle tension dysphonia, sulcus vocalis (vocal cords gap), severe allergies, excess mucous on vocal cords, etc.

¨After two 20 hour sessions in August and October with Diana Yampolsky I went to see a Speech and Language therapist, Dr Ruth Epstein PhD MRCSLT in London, after being referred to her by Mr. J Rubin, an ENT Doctor at The Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital.

I was amazed to hear from a medical professional that after practicing a vocal technique taught to me at the college which subsequently damaged my voice, so I couldn’t sing the Classical music I am trained in, I was told by Dr Epstein that the work I had done since with Diana Yampolsky had saved my voice!¨

Conventional wisdom (or lack thereof) suggests to ¨push¨ the vocal anatomy to the max (while training or performing). As a result, in many cases, the vocal damage and ultimately, the voice repair occurs. In that case, the medical experts often say: ¨take a vocal rest¨, which does nothing to promote any healing whatsoever. Vocal injuries left untreated can often turn into more serious or even life-threatening problems such as permanent vocal paralysis or even cancer in rare cases. However, speakers, singers can take relief knowing that there is a professional, non-surgical approach to voice repair using specific speech and singing exercises as well as natural herbs and remedies.

Diana Yampolsky‘s Vocal Science™ and The Royans Professional Vocal School, since 1984, has harboured by now, an estimated 20,000, students, singers, speakers, voice repair clients from all walks of life and places including USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and the whole world at large. For more information and for Before and After videos of vocal instruction, please visit www.vocalscience.com or read her book, Vocal Science – Flight to the Universe at www.amazon.com