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Davida F – Manager, Partner Programs at End to End Networks


Strained Vocal Cords & Muscle Tension Dysphonia client from Aurora Ontario Canada.

After suffering for years with chronic hoarseness and recurrent bouts of laryngitis, as well as with muscle tension in my neck, I was finding that my symptoms were getting worse. My occasional laryngitis was turning into regular laryngitis that would cause me to completely lose my voice for days at a time, and at the end of each work day I would have a sore throat and be completely hoarse and raspy.  This was causing me a great deal of concern as I rely on my voice for my career.

After a particularly long week at work whereby my voice was down to a whisper due to 10+ hours per day of constant speaking, I happened to watch a CBC special on the number of professional singers and speakers who have been losing their voices due to strain and improper technique. I started searching the Internet for voice specialists, however I did not want drugs, injections or to end up in surgery, as the risks of permanent vocal cord damage are high. I came across the Vocal Science website and their method for non-surgical voice repair and called them right away. I met Diana for an introductory session and then signed up for 30 hours of instruction and began an eye opening experience into how to properly use your voice! I can now make it through an entire day without losing my voice which is an incredible relief! (I’ve even discovered that I have a pretty decent singing voice too!)

Diana is a wonderful vocal coach and her approach is based on a holistic approach to speech and singing that encompasses the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the whole person to bring about a complete transformation. As a speaker, I was completely unaware that my posture, my breathing and even my thoughts all work together to produce the quality of sound that comes out of one’s mouth. After a few weeks I started to see results and stopped feeling the strain in my neck. Shortly after that I started to be able to consistently reproduce the proper way of speaking.

For anyone struggling with voice problems – whether speaking or singing – I strongly encourage you to make the investment in yourself and go see Diana. There’s no need to risk surgery or medication when you can instead learn a completely natural way of speaking that will preserve your voice for years to come.

Davida F.

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