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L Rider: University Student from New Zealand

Case Study

After 50 hours of the Non-Surgical Voice Repair Course & Natural Herbal and Homeopathic Treatment.


My voice problem started 5 years ago from when I was singing in my high school choir. I was overusing my voice and using it incorrectly. I stopped singing completely, and went to see medical professionals who diagnosed me with Muscle Tension Dysphonia, and recommended speech therapy. After trying numerous speech therapy, it got to the point this year where I could barely talk, and very quietly and I had to quit my part time job.

We came across Diana online and read all the testimonies on the web, then made an appointment to see her. Diana has a extremely good ear, and after hearing me on the phone for the first time assured that she would be able to help me.

Diana’s technique meant supporting my voice and lifting my voice off my vocal cords, which would allow my throat a chance to heal, as well as place less strain on the vocal cords. Her program also included herbal supplements which helped to heal my voice. With her technique alone I was able to talk louder, more clearly and with less discomfort, and with the herbs combined had less pain in my throat. 

Although it was the hardest things I’ve ever done, I completed 50 hours with her because in the end it was worth it. I wish Vocal Science’s technique could be accessed by everyone because they would benefit so much from it including preventing and healing issues with the voice. In order to access Vocal Science we had to travel halfway around the world to be able to see her, so hopefully it will be on our doorstep in the future! Diana as a teacher I would say is tough, loud and one-of- a kind. Although we focused on my speaking and didn’t work so much on singing, I hope to continue developing my singing in the future.

Elle R

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