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Voice Repair: How Do We Do It?

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The Right and Healthy Modality of the Vocal Behavior for Non-Singers.

Being in the music/voice business for close to four decades, I’ve met a lot of people with good voices, bad voices and also (so to speak) damaged voices. Some of them were singers, some of them had nothing to do with singing. Those who had nothing to do with singing, however, had a lot to do with a lot of speaking and sometimes using their voices excessively loud and, essentially, just screaming. Some people were purely misusing their voices due to their professional occupations like: fitness instructors, martial arts instructors, teachers, lawyers, crown attorneys, public and motivational speakers to name a few.

Due to their occupational hazard (in a manner of speaking), they have been forcing their voices to serve others; and one day, (someday) their once precious voice seizes on them “unexpectedly and out of the blue”, as they all like to think.

 In real sense, does it happen out of the blue? Not really.

Some people admit that they have lost their voices before several times, but always (to, at least, a reasonable degree) gained it back. Then came the time when they pushed it the very last time and now their voice has been drawn so low (position wise) that it has become almost unrecoverable. In this instance, they could not recover their voice by their own efforts. That’s where they began to seek professional help.

What kind of help you would think they have been searching for? You would never guess. They were trying to perfect themselves, i.e. taking yoga classes – staying upside down on their heads, eating raw fruits, exercising like mad, employing all alternative natural and homeopathic remedies and looking and feeling like a million bucks, except the voice was still not working to its normal capacity!

How so, you may ask? This is my answer:

symptoms of an overused and abused vocal anatomy

For example: Let’s imagine that the Mercedes I drive does not take me places anymore and stalls upon every time I’m turning the key on. Should I wash it, make it shine and work on its body to look good and prestige? Or should I rather look in its mechanics and define what exactly is not intact? Most probable issue would be with the mechanics defaulting in that wonderful, shiny Mercedes; and until I put all internal parts in that Mercedes in order, it will remain clean, shiny and beautiful, but will never take me places.

Similarly, instead of (or along with) perfecting their physical bodies (however not related to singing mechanics), the people in question should look a little closer to the cause of their voice loss, identify it and act accordingly.

The fact is that these people have been brutally misusing their voices throughout a prolonged period of time, not realizing that their vocal cords are not “made from steel”, so to speak. Some of them finally clue in (after feeling great and looking good) that there is, perhaps, something else they need to be doing to actually fix their voices.

And now (finally) came the time when they had to go through the process of restructuring their wounded voices to a different set of muscles (their facial muscles) and make those muscles coordinate with their abdominal muscles in order to minimize  the use of their throat, larynx and vocal cords. Once the pressure of the sound had been removed from the vocal box, the whole vocal anatomy had to be treated with natural herbs and remedies (and sometimes even homeopathic remedies, if needed). The voice health had finally been addressed and the whole modality of the proper “vocal behavior” had been changed and employed.

This is not a “how to fix a hoarse voice“, quick scheme. This is how to fix your voice for life!

There could be many causes as to why the human voice could become hoarse:

  • Misuse and overuse of the speaking voice
  • Misuse and overuse of the singing voice
  • Internal pollution (high mucous diet, smoking, drinking, etc)
  • External pollution (environmental – such as dust, asbestos or mold in living premises
  • Improper and inadequate singing technique
  • Small and weak vocal cords
  • Thyroid problems
  • Tonsils and larynx inflammation (laryngitis)
  • Excess of gastric acid in the colon.
  • Constipation/poor digestion and elimination of food intake. Etc.
  • A naturally weak and low-positioned voice

If you are wondering how you can fix a hoarse voice, you must first identify the exact cause.


Voice Misuse

Voice Repair

If the cause is the misuse and overuse of the speaking voice, you should modify the amount of speaking and learn how to speak efficiently without the excessive use of your vocal anatomy.

This also applies to singers with respect of the proper use of their singing voices as well.

Furthermore, if your diet is poor and you are partaking in substance abuse such as smoking, consumption of alcohol and/or the use of drugs… you should look into your destructive behaviour and modify it accordingly.

Taking  the above for consideration could significantly improve your voice.

Singing Pic

If you are a singer, you have to learn proper singing technique, which will allow you to minimize the use of your throat, larynx and vocal cords. To reiterate, like speakers, you should learn how to employ different sets of muscles (such as your facial muscles and your abdominal muscles) and allow them to work in full conjunction and coordination with each other, thus minimizing and practically eliminating the use and misuse of your vocal anatomy.


Now, with respect to your diet:

VR Ad - White sugar


VS Ad- dairy-cow-hi

Say NO to both sugar & cow milk!


You should eliminate the 3 “white enemies”:

  • White sugar
  • White flour
  • White salt

Also, you should eliminate everything “creamy” and everything dairy from your diet. Products like:

  • Cow milk (and products made with cow milk)
  • Yogurt
  • Ice Cream
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pastries and cakes
  • Cheeses of any kind

Please be advised that, also, excessive consumption of red meat could infringe on one’s PH balance. The above products should be especially eliminated when the condition is acute.

Once the condition of your voice (and your health in general) is improved, you can gradually (however, in complete moderation) reintroduce those products back into your diet.


Unhealthy Living Conditions

Unhealthy Living Conditions

Before moving into any new living quarters, please make sure that those properties are free of asbestos and mold.


Small, Weak Vocal Cords

Hoarse Voice

If you were born with small and weak vocal cords, there are special exercises you can do to strengthen them and even enlarge them (length and width).

The Vocal Science ™ Method looks after all of the above problems.

Also, a lot of people have problems with their thyroid (overactive/under active). Some also have thyroid nodules and even thyroid cancer. Quite often, those with thyroid problems are offered to undergo a Thyroidectomy (the removal of the thyroid itself). Unfortunately, during this procedure, the surgeons often damage and/or paralyze one (or even both) of the vocal cords. Needless to say that, in this instance, the person will acquire a hoarse voice as well as a very stiff and ridged voice.


Please note that according to holistic teaching, the thyroid represents suppressed emotions and hurts!

So if the person is emotionally balanced, there will be less probability of their thyroid to become “out of order” in a manner of speaking.



Sore Throat

Any virus (especially the flu, a bad cold or strep throat) will very likely produce an inflammation of the larynx, tonsils and vocal cords. Needless to say, not only the person (who had been infected with such viruses) will sound hoarse, he/she could also lose their voice altogether.

Also, such viruses like strep throat (for example) could easily lead to such voice disorders like vocal cord paralysis.


Now, back to the overall diet!

Healthy Diet

If such vocal disorders like acid reflux occur, the highly-forming acidic foods should be eliminated:

  • Oranges (mandarins)
  • Grapefruits
  • Tomatoes
  • Highly spicy foods
  • Heavily fried foods
  • Processed foods
  • Sodas and other sweetened beverages

You should also try to assure proper food consumption and elimination, thus avoiding constipation at all costs!

Remember: If your colon is clean and vibrant, your voice will also be clean, vibrant and intact.


And Lastly:

Weak Voice

If you have a naturally weak and low-positioned voice, the Vocal Science™ Method will help with that too:

Via special speech and singing exercises, we can bring your voice out onto the surface from within and, as a result, you will own a stronger, louder and clearer voice!

We will also teach you how to preserve and maintain your newly found voice for life! Your vocal cord problems will be a thing of the past!


To learn about our treatment options and methods for voice/vocal problems, visit the Services section of our site. Or if your are suffering from a voice/vocal disorder and are looking for a fast and efficient way of rectifying it,

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