Additional Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year’s Special

For New Clients Only: 

Additional Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year’s Special: 

Buy your loved one a 13% HST discounted gift certificate for any of our singing, speech and non-surgical voice repair courses. 

Can be used with existent holiday specials! 

Valid till December the 26th, 2021. 

Thank you for reading and for considering our services.

UPDATE: Flash Bonus is Extended!


Due to Canadian Thanksgiving and
American Colombus Day, Flash Bonus is Extended!! 

While still in the pandemic, we would like to announce an additional special for people who would be embarking on a minimum 40 hours Non-Surgical Voice Repair Course and natural herbal treatment conducted by Master Voice/Vocal, Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist, Ms. Diana Yampolsky:

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Article: “Is your compromised voice your problem?”

Hi Everyone,

We would like to share with you an informative case study of our recent attendee of an introductory/exploratory voice repair session: “Is your compromised voice your problem? The Answer is… The Problem Is YOU!!”

“To view this article, click on the link HERE – or by clicking on the title above!

Article: Herbal Remedies Wonder… A Magic Placebo Pill or the Real Deal?

These herbal remedies are very instrumental in healing one’s vocal anatomy and also related and unrelated underlying health problems.

If you would like to know the answer to the above question and are interested in the additional information about our herbal kits, then this informative article (linked below).

It may be a good place to start.

Article: Physical and Emotional Consequences concerning Voice Disorders

Dealing with various voice disorders is my specialty.

Hi Everyone

This is an informative article for those who suffer from various voice disorders.

It is titled: “Physical and Emotional Consequences concerning the Speaking and Singing Voice Disorders.” 

To view this article, click on the link above!