Division of
“The Royans Professional Vocal School”


Our students are from all walks of life: lawyers, teachers, salespeople, recording artists, Television and Radio Professionals, amateur vocalists, announcers, lecturers, voiceover artists, etc.

Here’s a sample of our diverse client list:


  • Troy Hall, Sales Professional, Australia
  • Orlando, Real Estate Agent/Professional Singer, Vancouver
  • Massimo Astrologo, Construction Worker, New York
  • John Duran, Professional Actor, Los Angeles
  • Azhar Usman, Professional Comedian, Chicago
  • Nick Stojanovic, Actor with Second City, Toronto
  • Jason Zheng, Actor, New York
  • Lisa Dupuis, Legal Secretary, Toronto
  • Tanaz Khory, Nursing Administrator, Toronto
  • Jonghee Shadix, Teacher, Alabama
  • Lydia Narozniak, Crown Attorney, Hamilton
  • Ashok Narayan, CEO, South Africa
  • George Loakes, Mortgage Broker, California
  • Emilce Karpiuk, Business Developer, Florida

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