Division of
“The Royans Professional Vocal School”


Our students are from all walks of life: lawyers, teachers, salespeople, recording artists, Television and Radio Professionals, amateur vocalists, announcers, lecturers, voiceover artists, etc.

Here’s a sample of our diverse client list:


  • James Alofs – Actor/Performer (Toronto Canadian – based out of China)


  • James Knapp – Toronto Film/Theatre Actor – a Registered member of ACTRA


  • Marc Theberge – French Actor/Toronto High School Drama Teacher – a Registered member of ACTRA


  • Sons of Butcher – Jay and Trevor Ziebarth from the Teletoon TV show, Toronto Canada


  • Steve Shehori – Writer/Director/Actor, Toronto Canada


  • Dr. Peter Jensen Ph.D. – Psychologist for the international Figure Skating Team and public speaker seminar leader, Toronto Canada


  • Steven Friendly – Nationally acclaimed leader of the ‘Wealth Builder” seminars, Toronto Canada


  • Peter Bloom – Voiceover Artist (ETM Talent Management), Singer/Songwriter & #1 Indie Pop Artist on OURSTAGE.COM (March 2009), winner of the SONG OF THE YEAR international competition, winner of two 2007 TORONTO EXCLUSIVE MUSIC AWARDS, nominated for a 2007 ONTARIO INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARD for Best Rock Song (“Walls”), as well as runner-up in both the regional RADIO STAR 2007 and TORONTO INDIE WEEK 2006 singer/songwriter competitions


  • Park Bench (ETM Talent Management) – Actor, Writer, Producer, Singer/Songwriter, Voice Over Artist, Toronto Canada


  • Marsha Pitt – Performer in the Princess of Wales production of the Lion King, Toronto Canada


  • Okiki Kendall – Performer in the Princess of Wales production of the Lion King, a performer in McDonald’s, Ritz Crackers, BMO and TSN commercials, Toronto Canada


  • Sabina Peterman – National Anthem Vocalist, Toronto Canada


  • Joseph Norte – Actor/Martial Arts Instructor, Toronto Canada


  • David Nelligan – Finance Manager, Royal Bank, Canada


  • David Johnston – Actor / Broadcaster, USA


  • ITC Communications, New York USA


  • Fairbank Financial Mortgage Company, CT USA


  • Transformations Unlimited – A Divison of NLP Inc. Toronto Canada


  • Farokh Nia – Pharmacist, Shoppers Drug Mart, Toronto Canada


  • Mila Sak – Director, Toronto School of Business


  • Joy Starr, CGA – Property Management Accountant, Co-operators, Public Speaker, Guelph, ON, Canada


  • Azmina Jomomhammed – Fidelity Financial, Toronto Canada


  • Leslie Edersley – Ph.D., Structural Engineer, Toronto Canada


  • Rose Santini – Marketing Director, Swiss Chalet, Canada


  • Alla Itkis – Executive Secretary, Novabyte Systems Inc. Toronto Canada


  • Troy Hall – Sales Professional, Australia


  • Todd/Orlando Perusini – Real Estate Agent/Professional Singer, Okanagan Valley BC, Canada


  • Massimo Astrologo – Construction Worker, New York, USA


  • John Duran – Professional Actor, Los Angeles, USA


  • Azhar Usman – Professional Comedian, Chicago, USA


  • Nick Stojanovic – Actor with Second City, Toronto Canada


  • Jason Zheng – Actor, New York USA


  • Lisa Dupuis – Legal Secretary, Toronto Canada


  • Tanaz Khory – Nursing Administrator, Toronto Canada


  • Jonghee Shadix – Professor of English (Alabama University) USA


  • Lydia Narozniak – Crown Attorney, Hamilton Canada


  • Ashok Narayan – CEO, South Africa


  • Emilce Karpiuk – Business Developer, Florida USA


  • James Kerr – Corporate Lawyer, Toronto Canada


  • Richard Stanwyck – Criminal Lawyer, Toronto Canada


  • Claudia Segator – Environmental Lawyer, Toronto Canada


  • Peter Lee – Tenancy Lawyer, Toronto Canada


  • Peter Morrell – Professional Sales Executive