Division of
“The Royans Professional Vocal School”

Vocal Rehab: Private Tutoring and Exceptional Voice Care.

The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, under the umbrella of The Royans Professional Vocal School, for over 36 years now, is offering one-of-a-kind vocal rehab to those with various voice disorders.

We have – estimated over 25,000 – speech and singing students as well as various clients coming to us from all over the world for non-surgical voice repair tutelage and natural herbal treatment to rectify their voice/vocal problems

Especially for those who come to us from out of town/out of the country, we provide a full term of private care, and not only for their vocal condition(s)… 

We provide our clients with: 

  • Accommodation during their stay
  • Transportation (if needed) to and from our studio
  • With complimentary lunches
  • With the initial voice repair herbal kit
  • And now, even offering a supplement for their flight to us

Of course, some conditions apply to the above.

During their stay, we advocate our own Government trademarked method named Vocal Science™; and it’s, without a doubt, a totally revolutionary approach to voice mechanics and the person as a whole. We obtain the whole history of our clients’ behaviour – like dietary habits, general health conditions, we assess their emotional makeup, and nonetheless, we identify the possible causes of their vocal problems. We summarize all the facts provided to us by the client and find the optimum solution for their recovery on every level. 

In all of my previous publications, I’ve always said that “in a healthy body will live a healthy spirit”. In my book “Vocal Science – Flight to the Universe”, I had pointed out numerous times that the voice identifies with a person’s spirit… And if the human spirit is down, everything else will be down – voice included. Our program is definitely not for the “faint of heart” – and, nevertheless, not for people with a below-average IQ. Our program is extremely intense and definitely requires physical, mental and emotional fitness in order to acquire a “vocal fitness”, in a manner of speaking. 

After reading the above, ask yourself a question… Are you ready for the described-above ordeal? If your answer is yes, we will be happy to harbour you under our roof. In that instance, we will guarantee you our best and completely unprecedented efforts which have never failed

However, on this note, please remember – it takes “two to tango”, therefore we require all of the above-described, as well as complete compliance with our very unique instruction and treatment and, nonetheless, also an appreciation of our efforts employed, coupled with loyalty. 

We hope to see you soon.

If you think you are are in need of the above? we can help!

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