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The Road to Vocal Recovery

Below are just some of the results of what the Vocal Science Method & Technique has done with respect of recovering and enhancing the speaking and/or singing voice.

Also, to see written testimonials from many others who have had their voices restored and enhanced by us, click HERE

Zelda A – Former Spasmodic Dysphonia sufferer from Ontario Canada.

Spasmodic Dysphonia Sufferer – Before-And-After Voice Recovery Video!

Dr. Vera C of Detroit USA – Voice Loss/MTD Sufferer! 

On August the 19th Vera just completed her 40-hour Super Accelerated Voice Repair Course journey during which she recovered and enhanced the quality of her voice.

Her voice loss was caused by enormous emotional stress, strained vocal cords, whereas all of the above, in turn, had caused Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) disorder.

See and witness Vera’s successful journey in our video link below:

To read a written, informative testimonial from Zelda, click HERE!

Rich (GC Boy) W – Professional Singer/Songwriter from Chicago, Illinois

Rich (GC Boy) Wallen

Rich had been diagnosed with two cysts underneath his right vocal fold and was told to live with it. He was not prepared to “take that news lying down…

“ – Just another quick thank you. Sang twice over the weekend, backup mostly, but I was singing stronger and clearer. All thanks to you….and Jamie, of course. I ran a couple of our videos on Instagram this past weekend, encouraging people to contact you.
Thanks again !!! ” – Rich

An audio difference in vocal clarity – ‘Before & After’

– Below is an audio preview of Rich’s singing, before instruction and treatment –

Rich Gc Boy – 70s vibe – Late Saturday night

– Now, below you will find an audio clip Rich’s voice after less than 15 hours of instruction and treatment, as he performs his original track titled “Exposed”, – 

–  Please see below to find another audio clip Rich’s voice as he improves his vocal control while performing another original track titled “Thinking About You”, – 

Jeanine H – A participant of Las Vegas Healthy Voice Workshop Summit, on October 1st and 2nd (2016)

Jeannine is an elementary school teacher from California, USA.
She had been diagnosed with nodules on both vocal cords.

Cary S – A participant of Las Vegas Healthy Voice Workshop Summit, on October 1st and 2nd. (2016)

She had been previously diagnosed with Muscle Tension Dysphonia and Acid Reflux, which greatly (in a negative light) affected her vocal anatomy and her speaking and singing voice in general.

Testimonial – Trisha B., Milwaukee, WI USA

I am so thankful, grateful, blessed to have found Diana through the internet and to have had the amazing privilege of working with her.  I hope to have the opportunity in the future to continue working with her on more advanced techniques as she’s now piqued my interest in possibly pursuing voiceover work in the future.  I never would have thought that possible, but I’ve always had the desire to do that line of work and never had the validation that I would be fit for it, until now.  For right now though, I need to get back to work and teach cruise guests which mouse click to use!  

Thank you, Diana, Jamie, and Chris for making my trip to Toronto an amazing and life-changing experience.


– Trisha B., Milwaukee, WI USA 

  Vocal Science Voice Repair Diary: Trisha B., Milwaukee WI, USA

Noreitta Ramocan – Originally attending the group session in July as a voice repair client & up and coming singer/songwriter from Kitchener, Ontario Canada.

“When I first went to Diana’s Vocal Science, my voice was chipping out and it hurt my throat to sing pitches. Now that I have attended her class I’ve learned different ways to sing alleviating the compression on my throat. I have now gained insight on how to sing correctly.”

Diana is an amazing miracle worker, her techniques that she uses are unique, ingenious, and a success!!” “Thank you, Diana!! I simply can’t wait to work with you again!!”

Sergei L – Up and coming singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario Canada.

“Diana… You Are AWESOME!” – Sergei

Ethelrida Zabala-laxa – Singer/Songwriter from Toronto, Canada. (Attendee of the 32nd anniversary Vocal Science Exploratory Group Session)

Adam Riley – Before/After Instruction Video & DEMO Recording.

“I hope you know that our time together and my experience with you is very dear to me. I have complete faith in your method and technique and really do hope to come back and finish what we started when the time is right.”

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