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Vocal Science(TM) – Wondering Who We Are & What We Do…?

Voice Repair – If Your Voice is “Broken”, Obtain the “Tools” to Fix It.

Vocal Science – Attention Throat Cancer Survivors!

Voice And Vocal Problems… Out-Doctored And Out-Treated… What’s next?

Voice Repair – If Your Voice Has Been Compromised, We “Own The Tools” To Fix It.

Medical Doctors And Speech Therapists Had, Once Again, Failed The Patient With The Sulcus Vocalis Diagnosis!

Vocal Science: Were You Involved In A Car Accident, Or Any Other Accident Of Sorts? Had Your Voice/Vocal Anatomy Ended Up Compromised In Any Way, Shape Or Form?

Did You Need To Fix Your Voice Or Learn How To Speak/Sing Properly….Yesterday?

Our Vocal Science ™ Method and Technique Is Truly Engineered To Amaze! Experience Today The 22nd Century Of Voice/Vocal Innovation!

Vocal Science: People With Voice/Vocal Injuries. Are They Afraid To Face Their Horrible Past?

The Synopsis of The Vocal Science (TM) Method!


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There is a voice repair specialist ready to help you to get your voice back!

Articles by Diana Yampolsky:

Pastor John B – Case Study: From a Virus to Laryngitis to Vocal Cord Paralysis…

Christmas Miracle… From Spasmodic Dysphonia Disorder to Singing Christmas Carols in Church!

The “Top Vocal Coaches” had said: “We don’t know how to bring your voice back to normal and also how to improve your speaking and singing…” We said… “TRY US!”

What are the causes and available treatment methods for vocal paralysis?

Disorders – Prevention and Treatments

Voice Damage -You Saved Money…! “You’ve Won The Case”…! But… YOU Have Been Left With All The Damages!

Vocal Science(TM) Technique… Via Skype? Is that Possible and could that be Effective if Executed?

Damaged Vocal Cords, Bleeding Polyps, Nodules, Nodes, Dysphonia, and etc. Does it have Anything to do with the Conventional Vocal Training?

Vocal Repair. Alternative methods of treatment. What are they and how useful are they?

Vocal Rehab… They fixed the “Instrument”, But… What about the “Player”?

From the Vocal Point of View – Working on the Instrument or Working on the Player? The Answer is…?

Vocally Speaking – Can You Afford To Be Shy About Your Problem? Or Should You Deal With It Head On?

Vocal “cancer” II: Is there a cure?

Vocally Speaking: Vocal Cancer; How Far Has it Already Metastasized?

Vocal Science(TM) – Vocal Invention Vocal Talent Made in Heaven… So is Thunder and Lightning…

Vocal Congestion – In Need of a Cure? We’ve Got It Part I: Voice Repair – Who Needs It and Why?

Intellectual Mind and Physical Body. What Role Would they Both Play in Vocal Development and Studies?

Occupational Hazards: Dealing with Everyday Bad Voice Habits

Vocally Speaking – Is There Change Without Change? If There Is, Can You Handle It?

Voice Loss or Voice Limitations: Why Does it Happen?

Voice Repair – Get Excited! We Have the Tools

Non Surgical Voice Repair II: Might Herbal Remedies Be Instrumental in Susan Boyle’s Case?

What good is an encore performance if your voice dies before you get there?

Safe Voice Revolution

“Vocal Insurance” – Do You Need An Agent?

From the Vocal Point of View

Vocal Box Repair: Is There Such a Thing? And is it even possible?