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Vocal Repair

Vocal Repair. Alternative methods of treatment. What are they and how useful are they?

Written by Diana Yampolsky


For Many Years, I am advocating non-surgical voice repair for my clients. Some of them are singers, some are not. Quite a lot of them have similar symptoms and often, similar causes of their voice loss. When we talk about those who are not singers, it is somewhat a different feel and perception from both sides, my own included.

With the singers, it’s usually a straight forward deal.

Their career is based on the use of their voice.

Before they could sing, however, not necessarily up to professional standards, (which is what caused the problem in the first place) but now they cannot sing at all. It is a tragedy to say the least, as all of their dreams are shattered and performances and tours are postponed until further notice, or even indefinitely like in John Mayer’s case. It is interesting enough that those artists are not looking for any gimmicks with respect of the means of how to fix their voices, and primarily, willing to do anything to get back on stage.

Singers also have an understanding that something is wrong with their vocal anatomy and that it is the anatomy itself which has to be fixed, as well as the new vocal technique that has to be adapted, whereas, with the speakers, the perception of their recovery is entirely different. They, for some reason, think that anything and everything has to be fixed, but not their throats, vocal cords or any other part of their vocal anatomy for that matter. They also are not aware that they have to adapt a new way of speaking to avoid another re-occurrence of the voice loss.

To my surprise, I’ve heard that they are working on anything and everything to improve their voice but the vocal anatomy. They use chiropractors, osteopaths, reiki practitioners and what not.

They’re also, literally standing upside down and on their heads while doing their yoga exorcises, eating raw foods and using some unknown herbal and homeopathic remedies in hopes that their voice will miraculously reappear…?

It’s all good, but not instead of the repair of the vocal anatomy. It is good along with it.

They are clearly missing the point.

The healthy and clean body definitely will help with the overall recovery, but it does not substitute the actual work on voice mechanics and on the proper application of the voice.

I guess that some of them think along the lines, “Never mind that the fridge is broken, let’s work on the stove. It might help-fingers crossed”. (British expression)

Go figure…!