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How To Fix A Hoarse Voice!

There could be many causes as to why the human voice can become hoarse:

  • Misuse and overuse of the speaking voice
  • Misuse and overuse of the singing voice
  • Internal pollution (high mucous diet, smoking and drinking)
  • External pollution (environmental – such as bad air, asbestos or mould in living premises)
  • Improper and inadequate singing technique
  • Small and weak vocal cords
  • Thyroid problems
  • Tonsils and larynx inflammation (laryngitis)
  • Excess of mucus and gastric acid in the colon and in the body overall.
  • Constipation/poor digestion and elimination of the food intake. Etc.
  • Naturally weak and lower throat-positioned voice due to an adaptation of the wrong application of speaking and singing voice

To fix a hoarse voice, firstly, we have to identify the exact cause.

Voice Misuse

Voice Misuse

If the cause is the misuse and overuse of the speaking voice, you should modify the amount of speaking and learn how to speak efficiently without the excessive use of your vocal anatomy. Also, if your diet is poor and you are partaking in substance usage such as smoking, consumption of alcohol and or the use of drugs… you should look into your destructive behaviour and modify it accordingly.

Looking after the above could significantly improve your voice.

Singing Pic

If you are a singer, you have to learn a proper singing technique, which will allow you to minimize the use of your throat, larynx and vocal cords. You should learn how to employ different sets of muscles (such as your facial muscles and your abdominal muscles) while allowing those muscles to work in full conjunction and coordination with each other, thus minimizing and practically eliminating the harmful use of your vocal anatomy.

With respect to your diet:

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Say No to Both Sugar & Cow Milk!

You should eliminate the 3 “enemies”:

  • White sugar
  • White flour
  • White salt

Also, you should eliminate everything “creamy” and everything dairy from your diet. Products like:

  • Cow milk (and products made with cow milk)
  • Yogurt
  • Ice Cream
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pastries and cakes
  • Cheeses of any kind

Please be advised that excessive consumption of red meat could also infringe on one’s PH balance. The above products should be especially eliminated when the condition is acute.

Once the condition of your voice (and your health in general) is improved, you can gradually (however, incomplete moderation) reintroduce those products back into your diet.

Unhealthy Living Conditions

Unhealthy Living Conditions

Before moving into any new living quarters, please make sure that those properties are free of asbestos and mould.

Small, Weak Vocal Cords

Hoarse Voice

If you were born with small and weak vocal cords, there are special exercises you can do to strengthen them and even enlarge them (length and width). The Vocal Science ™ Method looks after all of the above problems.

Also, a lot of people have problems with their thyroid (overactive/under-active). Some also have thyroid nodules and even thyroid cancer. Quite often, those with thyroid problems are offered to undergo a Thyroidectomy (the removal of the thyroid itself). Unfortunately, during this procedure, the surgeons could easily damage and even paralyze one or both vocal cords. Needless to say that, in this instance, the person will acquire not only a hoarse voice but also a very stiff and ridged-sounding voice.

The thyroid (in holistic teaching) represents suppressed emotions. Although, if the person is emotionally balanced, there will be less probability of their thyroid to become compromised.

A Cold and/or VIRUS

Sore Throat

Any virus (especially the flu, bad cold or strep throat) will very likely produce inflammation of the larynx, tonsils and vocal cords. Needless to say, not only the person who acquired such a virus will sound raspy and hoarse, he/she could also experience a partial (or even total) voice loss.

Also, such viruses like strep throat could easily lead to vocal cord paralysis.

Now, back to the overall diet!

Healthy Diet

If such vocal disorder like acid reflux occurred, the highly-forming acidic foods should be eliminated:

  • Oranges (mandarins)
  • Grapefruits
  • Tomatoes
  • Highly spicy foods
  • Heavily fried foods
  • Processed foods
  • Sodas and other sweetened beverages

You should also try to assure proper food consumption and elimination, thus avoiding constipation at all costs! If your colon is clean and vibrant, your voice will also be clean, vibrant and intact.

And Lastly

Weak Voice

If you have a naturally weak and low-positioned voice, or unnaturally high or low-pitched voice, the Vocal Science™ Method will help with that too!:

Via special speech and singing exercises, we can achieve your voice being pulled out on the surface from within; and thus, you will acquire a stronger, louder and clearer voice.

We can also balance your voice according to your body size – and thus achieve a proper pitch of your voice, congruent with your gender height, weight and age.

We also specialize in a male gender who experience such voice disorder like Puberphonia. We achieve a base platform underneath of the male voice which makes it exponentially lower.

We also help a female gender to achieve a more feminine, higher-pitched voice – also congruent with their body size and age.

We will also teach you how to preserve and maintain your newly founded voice for a lifetime.

How to Treat a Hoarse Voice adopting the Vocal Science method and its unique vocal technique.

In order to treat a raspy or hoarse voice, we provide a unique and revolutionary Voice Repair program which will not only repair your voice and eliminate your voice/vocal disorder but will also strengthen your vocal box using non-conventional voice therapy.

This method will also teach you how to use your voice correctly while also complying with the standards of professional speaking/singing.

We will make sure that voice issues (like a hoarse and raspy voice) will never be a problem again – we guarantee it!

Natural and Alternative Treatment for hoarse and raspy-sounding voices
We provide Natural and Alternative Treatment for hoarse and raspy-sounding voices