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Get professional vocal health help with our Master Voice Repair Specialist Diana Yampolsky. We can help with any vocal disorder, voice problem, vocal health issue, non-surgical voice repair and or just speech or singing lessons, in Toronto, Ontario and worldwide.

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We specialize in Non-Surgical Voice Repair and Post-Surgical Traumas. Whatever your voice problem is, we can solve and treat it through the use of our revolutionary vocal technique, specially designed speech exercises and with the application of natural herbal remedies. All of the above can eliminate the need for drastic measures like, for example, vocal cord surgery. We are the WORLD’S only non-surgical / non-conventional voice repair specialists!

If you are having a voice disorder and are considering surgery; suffering from symptoms like vocal cord dysfunction, vocal strain, acid reflux, laryngitis and other throat/vocal cord problems, or are experiencing pre/post-surgery trauma and want to learn how to assure the health, strength and safety of your voice FOR LIFE, please contact us.


We tailor to speakers

( Amateur, professional and those who suffer from any kind of voice disorders )

We also tailor to singers

( Amateur & professional, as well as those who suffer from any kind of vocal problems )

Our unique and revolutionary Voice Repair program will not only repair your voice, eliminate your voice/vocal disorder and  strengthen your vocal box using non-conventional voice therapy, it will also teach you how to use your voice correctly according to the standards of professional speaking/singing, so that your voice issues will never be a problem again – and we guarantee it!

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Contact us and receive professional vocal health help with our World Renowned Voice Repair Specialist Diana Yampolsky. We can help with any vocal disorder, voice problems, vocal health issues, voice repair and speech & singing lessons in Toronto, Ontario Canada, and Worldwide.

For additional information on non-surgical voice repair & voice/vocal coaching, please also visit www.vocalscience.com.



Laryngitis is an inflammation of the larynx that is mostly caused by viral infections due to bodily...


Polyps & Nodules On Vocal Cords, Cysts, Lesions

Vocal Cord Nodules (also called Singer’s Nodes, Screamer’s Nodes) Vocal cord nodules are also known as “calluses...


Spasmodic Dysphonia

Spasmodic dysphonia (or laryngeal dystonia) is a voice disorder characterized by involuntary movements of one or more...


Muscle Tension Dysphonia

Muscle tension dysphonia (MTD) occurs when the muscles around the voice box are too tight during speaking,...


Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux disease can cause your throat to become very sore. This pain occurs because stomach acid...


Vocal Cord Paralysis (Paresis)

Vocal cord paresis (paralysis) is when one or both vocal cords/folds are weak. Vocal cord paresis causes...

Super Accelerated Voice Repair Immersion Course:

This course consists of 10 hours of instruction delivered over 4 to 5 days and the application of natural herbs and remedies onto the vocal box. This is a non-surgical way of dealing with your vocal problems. We will have to employ our revolutionary approach to voice mechanics by lifting your voice off of your vocal box and restructuring it into your set of facial muscles and then putting those facial muscles to work in full conjunction and coordination with your abdominal muscles, thus, minimizing the use of your throat, larynx and vocal chords. While you are not using your vocal box excessively and practically not all for speaking or singing, your vocal box will be healing simultaneously with the application of the natural herbs and remedies.

This method is essential for a wide range of medical areas - from laryngitis treatment to even spasmodic dysphonia treatment.

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