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Cedric H. (Sulcus Vocalis Sufferer) – 5 Weeks Later

Here is the latest update on Cedric H. voice condition sent by Cedric himself today (5 weeks after the protocol of the 40-hour course and treatment ended): 

Cedric:  “Here is my last video. I hope you like it. 


Diana Yampolsky:    Great, thank you.

Here are some remarks:

Please watch your breathing, as I find it a little excessive and  not appropriately executed…

Keep (as I taught you) “Smiling and Biting”…

That would be better for your health and the quality of your  voice. 

The excessive breathing (and the way you execute it) may actually dry up your throat and thus, all of the above described,  may, somewhat, affect your vocal cords and your vocal anatomy in general. 

Also, try to keep it more within your cheekbone muscles instead of (quite often) using your lips. 

Other than that, it is still great and I am very proud of you.

Way to go Man!  

Cedric:  Thank youuuu…