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Tory J. VCD Sufferer of Wisconsin USA

Here is our Speech and Singing Voice Repair Client Tory Jax from Wisconsin, USA performing “The Great Gig In The Sky” by Pink Floyd

The Happy Jax Family (Tim, Tory & Stacy)

Previously, Tory had been a sufferer of Asthma and VCD (Vocal Cord Dysfunction) for several years. 

Under our care, she was treated and nevertheless, cured within 8 consecutive days over 40 + 5 hours of instruction and treatment. 

Tory was undertaking our famous Super Accelerated Voice/Vocal Immersion Course, coupled with natural herbal and some homeopathic treatments.  

Given the above, her speech and singing voice had soared to a nearly professional level. 

Please see below Tory’s videos and a few testimonials, which led her to (musically) prosper to a much higher level than she could have ever dreamt. 

Way to go Tory. 

Keep on rockin’ girl! 

Tory J.: Asthma and VCD being Treated and Cured by Vocal Science™ Speech Development Method: https://youtu.be/aSqGssGYn1E 

Tory J.: Before Instruction Video and After Voice Repair of Voice/Vocal Immersion Course of 40 hours: https://youtu.be/Qrux7IDMgbc  

Stacy Jax’s (Tory’s Mother) Open Letter: https://www.vocalscience.com/stacy-jax-letter-tory-jax