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Polyps, Nodules, Cysts & Lesions On The Vocal Cords



Vocal Cord Nodules (also called Singer’s Nodes and Screamer’s Nodes)
Vocal cord nodules are also known as “calluses of the vocal folds.” They appear on both sides of the vocal cords, typically at the midpoint, and directly face each other. To get rid olf it, vocal surgery may be required, but our suggestion is to try the non-surgical approach, applying the right vocal technique, coupled with the use of the natural herbs and homeopathic remedes.

Vocal Cord Polyp
A vocal cord polyp typically occurs only on one side of the vocal cord and can occur in a variety of shapes and sizes. The polyp of any nature can cause a wide range of voice disturbances. If not treated, polyps could turn into cancerous growths which can potentially be life threatening.

Vocal Cord Cyst –  
A vocal cord cyst is a firm mass of tissue contained within a membrane (sac). The cyst can be located near the surface of the vocal cord or near the ligament of the vocal cord.

Reactive Vocal Cord Lesion –
A reactive vocal cord lesion is a mass located opposite an existing vocal cord lesion. This type of lesion is developed from trauma or repeated injury. A reactive vocal cord lesion will usually decrease or disappear with  the application of a proper voice/vocal technique and the implimentation of natural suppliments which will also greatly aid to the vocal cord’s recovery.

NOTE: Most, (if not all) growths on the vocal cord(s) could potentially turn cancerous.

Treatment for the above vocal cord disorders.

Our approach to dealing with nodes, nodules, cysts, legions and polyps is non-surgical, unique and revolutionary.


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