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Rich W – Professional Singer/Songwriter from Chicago, Illinois.

Rich (GC Boy) Wallen – Professional Singer/Songwriter & Pastor from Chicago, Illinois
“I have been a singer for all of my life. Styles have included pop, country, and gospel music. I have taken some private lessons with other popular vocal coaches. Nothing ever really changed; I still had the same struggles and issues. I had been diagnosed with two cysts underneath my right vocal fold and that I should just learn to live with my voice as it is because I have used it and over-used it throughout my life and this was what I should expect to live with. I was not prepared to take that news lying down. Those of you who know me, know I do not take “no” for an answer and have not throughout my life. I wasn’t about to take that kind of news when it came down to one of the most precious gifts God has given me, my voice.
So, this past week, I had the opportunity to fly to Toronto and study with the world-renowned vocal instructor, Diana Yampolsky of Vocal Science and the Royans Professional Voice Institute. I had known about the Royans and Ms. Yampolsky for several years but was never able to attend. Seasons in my life had now changed and I was able to consider making the trip and investment.
I have to admit, upon first hour or two I was skeptical of this approach. However, somewhere in hour three or four, I was beginning to get a new concept of what was happening. My voice was becoming stronger. I could tell first in my speaking voice. After the hours of training, I was not tired. I was actually stronger and my voice started to have the “spark” that I had been missing. Hour by hour over the few days I was there things were improving. My vocal apparatus was not only stronger but my mental conception of what to do to stay in the “sweet spot” was also sharpening. I was actually understanding what was going on.
When I left that day I knew I wasn’t totally cured in a mere few days, but I was stronger and had the tools now to improve. Diana teaches in a scientific method of how the mind, body, and emotions all come together to produce sound. It really works !! I have further to go on this journey and will use these tools to continue building where she laid a foundation for me.
A side note–this past weekend I experimented in live concert with a couple notes from “up there” I hadn’t been able to do without struggle previously. I sang them, with very little effort. I was thrilled. I will cautiously continue to implement what I was taught and gently experiment with implementing it into my singing.
Thanks are not enough…worth all of the investment. If you use your voice, you need to consider investing in it with the Royans and Ms. Yampolsky.”
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