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Mary Ellen – Voice Repair Client From Ottawa/Kingston, Ontario.

Mary Ellen - Former Singing Voice repair Client

Mary Ellen - Testimonial

Dear Diana,

I feel the need to tell my story as there are many people who could benefit from your help, however, they are not sure if they can be helped or are scared to take the first step.

Please believe that if you have voice damage of many sorts that Diana’s unique approach will be able to help you.

Almost 40 years ago I damaged my vocal chords and after suffering for a number of months with a very unacceptable voice I had surgery to remove vocal chord nodules. Over those next 40 years my voice – although it was “repaired” – became my Achilles heel. I had innumerable cases of laryngitis and learned to live with a hoarse and rough voice.

After retiring several years ago, I wanted to return to singing in a chorus. However, after several months of singing with the chorus it became clear that I could damage my voice even further if I continued to sing, and that my singing voice had significant issues. So I went searching for help.

I feel extremely blessed that I found Diana and was able to travel to Newmarket from where I live near Ottawa and experience her techniques.  First we used Diana’s vocal science technique and her herbal remedies to work on my speaking voice.  Although this as a significant amount of effort on both our parts, the end result has been a great joy for me!  Friends I have known me since I was a teenager have commented on my voice, which has been repaired to the point that I sound 40 years younger!

While working with Diana I also continued to go to choral practice to learn the music, although I was not singing.  The chorus director at one point told me – after he heard my new speaking voice – that he could hear the music in my speaking voice, and would be thrilled to have me back once I was finished.

Diana has been working with me to translate my new speaking voice into a new and improved singing voice. I cannot believe the tone, clarity and power I have in my singing voice now. So thrilled that I am able to debut this new voice with the chorus as we prepare for the rigours of multiple Christmas performances.

My journey to a new voice has been rigorous and not without setbacks. I am beyond ecstatic as to what I have been able to accomplish with Diana’s help.

I am forever in your debt.

– Mary Ellen Stoll