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“The Royans Professional Vocal School”

Sue D: Singer/Songwriter from Canmore, Alberta.

Vocal Cord Polyp – Vocal Cord Strain


I came to you with a hemorrhagic vocal polyp and with intense vocal fatigue.  Surgery had been recommended and I was on the wait list for that surgery.  I was getting hoarse quickly and my range was diminished from what I know I can produce as a singer.  Speaking wore me out in no time.  I went to Ontario with the attitude that if this experience did not fix me, at least I would be in a stronger place to recover after surgery.   I spent 30 hours with Diana one on one, and she worked me extremely hard.  It was exhausting and at times frustrating, but I clung to her words (and still cling to them) – “Ahead and only ahead”.

Since that experience in May, I have not experienced vocal fatigue almost at all.  (once or twice when my overall self was fatigued).  My voice has been reliable and I am able to teach, direct my choir and interact with my family as I used to before the injury.  My singing voice has been dramatically strengthened and is more reliable although it is still on its way back to where it was.  I am blown away by the results of my time working with Diana.  What’s more, I went last week for another scope of my vocal cords and the hemorrhagic polyp that was so clearly there in February is entirely gone.  It has dissolved completely.
Diana told me to expect this but I will be honest and say that I did not expect it, and I am so deeply thankful. Working with Diana was at times very difficult, but her unshakeable confidence that we can achieve results non-surgically pushed through and has been proven – in many other testimonies and now in mine.
I wish you all the best, with gratitude. Ahead and only ahead.
Sue  D
Canmore Alberta