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Occupational Hazards: Dealing With Everyday Bad Voice Habits…

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Written by Diana Yampolsky (written in 2008)

I work with people from a wide variety of professions and walks of life, but I do find myself working with specific groups of people more often than others: Lawyers, Teachers, Admin Assistants, Salespeople, Public Speakers, Professional Voiceover Artists, Radio & TV Personalities and Singers. Due to their chosen professions, they often ruin their voices because they have no knowledge of any sort with respect to use their voices properly or how to preserve their voices.

The majority of the time, these people tend to speak a lot and never lift their voices off of their vocal boxes and giving them a rest. On the contrary, they are pulling and pushing their vocal chords, squeezing and twisting their larynx and, moreover, engaging the muscles in their necks and chest cavities while using their voices — even sometimes developing muscle tension and fibromyalgia on top of their vocal problems. In my amazing discovery of over 34 years of practice, I have created a methodology by which you can actually save and protect your vocal chords and practically your entire vocal box by lifting the voice off of the vocal chords into the facial muscles, which function as a natural amplifier/resonator, and putting them to use in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles; thus, minimizing the use of the larynx, vocal chords and the rest of your vocal anatomy for that matter.

But since people are not aware of what could happen to them if they continue to use and abuse their voices, the damage will come as a surprise and they will become hoarse and raspy, and won’t even know why. Often, these people will need to clear their throats at any given time, thus, causing more irritation and dryness inside of their vocal box. All of that can lead to nodules, nodes and polyps, as well as muscle tension dysphonia or even spasmodic dysphonia.

Our device is: work smart, not hard and with the minimum effort achieve the maximum result while using your voice correctly and by design.