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Vocal Rehab… They’re “Instrument” has been fixed, But… What about the “Player”?


Written by Diana Yampolsky


When I am talking to any singer, I always bring to their attention that they do represent the “instrument”, in a manner of speaking, and the “player”. In this instance, I mean that their physical body, their mental state and anatomy integrated and in synergy, represent the actual instrument. And the support, the structure, the placement and projection of the voice to its aimed destination, represent the player.

Vocal Rehab - Liberace Piano

The late celebrity pianist, Liberace, had always traveled with his favorite grand piano. Being the greatest pianist of all time, he definitely knew how to extract the maximum capacity out of that instrument.

That’s what I call “The Total Performer”; i.e., he owned a great instrument and he was a brilliant player.

When the singer gets into vocal distress, the industry and naturally the doctors are concerned only about how to fix the vocal anatomy of the artist.

And if it’s fixed successfully, they applaud to the highly qualified surgeon and applaud the artist, as they think that all of their problems and artist’s vocal problems are solved; and now they will enjoy the “picnic”, so to speak.

One thing they do not take into consideration, however, is that in reality, nothing had been changed!

The artist is still singing with the same vocal technique/voice application, which means, it’s only as a matter of time until the same (or worse) vocal damage will occur.

So, I would say that to work on the “fridge” is still good, but do not forget that the “stove” is still broken, and all the problems had begun because of the latter…

To conclude;

The moral of this is that not only the singer is required to have a good voice and the vocal talent, but also, he/she needs to know how to operate the quite complex vocal machinery and take care of it, like you would take care of your car when you top up all the liquids and perform a full tune-up on it.

While at it, I hope that the designated driver remembers that the gas pedal is on the right and he does comply with the traffic regulations while driving and also, hopefully, the driver owns and actually uses… THAT DAMN GPS!


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