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“The Royans Professional Vocal School”

Herbal Remedies



Herbal remedies are very instrumental in the overall vocal anatomy and vocal box repair. They lubricate the throat and strengthen the overall vocal box. They help to get rid of excess mucus and impurities in one’s throat. They improve the overall energy and immunity. They are very instrumental with any kind of allergies (and even asthma), which could affect one’s voice in a negative light.

The natural herbs and homeopathic remedies are specifically designed to work on the throat flora and shrink and even possibly dissolve growths on the vocal cords/vocal folds and larynx.

However, all these remedies are much more instrumental when used along with the Vocal Science(TM) revolutionary instruction.

The Vocal Science(TM) method is designed to lift the voice off of the vocal box/vocal cords and restructure the voice to the different set of muscles (facial muscles);  and thus release the vocal cords from the enormous pressure of the sound on one’s vocal anatomy.

Once the vocal cords are omitted from the pressure of the sound, the natural herbs and homeopathic remedies will start playing their inevitable healing role.