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There is a voice repair specialist ready to help you get your voice back!

A constantly-hoarse voice does not have to be a stressful experience for you or your loved ones. For sufferers of voice problems (like chronic voice hoarseness), finding a professional voice specialist is not all that difficult, thanks to the power of the internet.

Ontario, Canada, 28th June 2019 – For those suffering from vocal disorders, and other problems that affect the human voice, finding a professional with the right knowledge, experience and expertise, is a must.

That’s where The Royans Institute for Non-surgical Voice Repair comes in. They have the know- how to help treat and cure various voice disorders – which is sure to help those who search the internet, using queries like “How To Get My Voice Back Asap”.

The voice specialists at The Royans Institute are able to diagnose and identify the specific problems that affect a person’s voice/speech using a unique and trademarked technique known as the Vocal ScienceTM method. With the use of this comprehensive technique (designed to treat various voice problems, damages or disorders in a short amount of time compared to conventional methods… and without the use of surgery), they are able to pinpoint the cause of the problem and effectively restore the use of (and even improve upon) the quality of the sufferers speaking (and, if applicable, singing) voice.

Throughout the voice restoration process, the specialists at The Royans Institute may be able to pinpoint more serious causes of various voice problems, such as:

  • Severe viral infections – like strong cases of the common cold, laryngitis, strep throat, etc.
  • Diseases (like throat cancer) – caused by bad habits or environmental conditions (smoke inhalation, drug abuse, etc).
  • Spasmodic Dysphonia – (severe neurological vocal cord and neck spasms, distorting the quality of the human voice)
  • Severe vocal cord damage – caused by repeated misuse of one’s voice.
  • Vocal cord paralysis/Vocal paresis – the minimization or complete loss of vocal cord movement

The above are just small examples of what can be uncovered and treated, as The Royans institute offers comprehensive solutions to different disorders in order to provide the most effective treatment options…

This institute provides a form of unique speech therapy, coupled with the use of natural herbal remedies, to resolve most vocal problems naturally. This prevents their patients from having to undergo surgical procedures, as well as eliminates the need for the consumption of pharmaceutical products that often produce unwanted side effects.

The above process ultimately allows the voice specialists to work on the source of the vocal problem, and not just the symptoms.

Among the many thousands of patients treated with this method of voice restoration, check out a few testimonials from former voice disorder sufferers:

Sue D: Singer/Songwriter from Canmore, Alberta.

I came to you with a hemorrhagic vocal polyp and with intense vocal fatigue. Surgery had been recommended and I was on the wait list for that surgery. I was getting hoarse quickly and my range was diminished from what I know I can produce as a singer. Speaking wore me out in no time. I went to Ontario with the attitude that if this experience did not fix me, at least I would be in a stronger place to recover after surgery. I spent 30

hours with Diana one on one, and she worked me extremely hard. It was exhausting and at times frustrating, but I clung to her words (and still cling

to them) – “Ahead and only ahead”.

Since that experience in May, I have not experienced vocal fatigue almost at all. (once or twice when my overall self was fatigued). My voice has been reliable and I am able to teach, direct my choir and interact with my family as I used to before the injury. My singing voice has been dramatically strengthened and is more reliable although it is still on its way back to where it was. I am blown away by the results of my time working with Diana. What’s more, I went last week for another scope of my vocal cords and the hemorrhagic polyp that was so clearly there in February is entirely gone. It has dissolved completely.

Diana told me to expect this but I will be honest and say that I did not expect it, and I am so deeply thankful. Working with Diana was at times very difficult, but her unshakeable confidence that we can achieve results non-surgically pushed through and has been proven – in many other testimonies and now in mine. I wish you all the best, with gratitude. Ahead and only ahead.

Sue D
Canmore Alberta

Michael and Raphaelle Tamura: Celebrated Spiritual Teachers, Mentors, Radio Announcers, Clairvoyant Visionaries – from Sacramento, California, USA.

“There is no one like Diana Yampolsky and her work in the world. If you want to be trained by her, please be prepared for a true “boot camp” of vocal training with a most unusual and gifted teacher. The training isn’t just of the voice but of the “whole self” in a sense – she uses an interesting mixture of techniques to help her clients get back on track with their real voices for speaking and for singing – and for how the voice is to be used for the rest of a person’s life.

My husband, Michael J Tamura, had vocal damage due to a mistake made in a non-related (to vocal cords) surgery and my own voice has been having intense issues for years due to acute allergies and long-

term incorrect use of my voice. We are both spiritual teachers (Michael is an author and I am a soon-to-be-published author as well) plus we are radio show hosts and use

our voices every day in our for our TeleClasses and seminars, so a great-sounding voice is beyond important to both of us. Also, I lost my singing voice with the allergies and feel it is now starting to come back in full force. Further training will get me there 100%, I’m sure (I took the first thirty hours of training for my speaking voice only and Michael took two rounds of thirty hours for working with his surgery-damaged voice. To improve my singing, I will at some point take another round from Diana. I am utterly thrilled with the improvements I already see.).

Diana is a highly experienced, technical voice expert with a long and successful history in helping many people from every kind of background you can imagine with the healing of a huge variety of vocal issues – all without surgery. Important Note: This training is not for the faint of heart: You must have a full commitment, an open mind, humor and a true willingness to heal your voice in this unusual yet natural, non-surgical way. When you do take her vocal training, you’ll be so incredibly glad you did. Both of our voices have improved beyond our expectations with the level of training we have taken with her, and they continue to improve each and every day.

Thank you with all of my heart, Diana! These folks who suffer from voice disorders really need you & your teachings – they are so lucky to find you, really really lucky! As for us, yes, we continue to “smile and bite”!! Have a lovely day. Love, Raphaelle”

Louise Mallows: Registered Nurse — 12 hours of instruction and treatment to date!

I am a Registered Nurse and teacher with a Masters Degree in Education. I came to Vocal Science after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and a gradual loss of voice. I had been seen by 2 different ENT doctors in Ontario which diagnosed me

with laryngospasms and vocal cord dystonia. I was advised to seek speech therapy to correct the hoarse, raspy, fragmented voice and chronic sore throats.

I attended speech therapy with no improvement. My voice continued to deteriorate to the point that I could not teach, project my voice or have more than a 30-second conversation before I started losing my voice and the feeling that I was choking. The laryngospasms were so severe, I had two emergency hospital admissions for airway obstructions and required emergency medications to stop the spasms and re-open my airway.

I was unable to sing, project my voice for teaching or carry on a simple conversation, even with someone sitting right next to me. I was in deep despair feeling my career and life would never be the same and medical professionals did not offer any hope of improvement due to my progressing autoimmune disease. I was told vocal cord surgery would be my next step, but there were no guarantees my voice would improve and there was a risk that the surgery could make my voice even worse.

I never gave up hope that there was a non-surgical treatment somewhere in the world that I could travel to and improve at least my speaking voice if not my singing voice without resorting to surgery. I researched many clinics, websites and specialists around the world, but I was amazed to find Vocal Science and its renowned treatment only a few hours drive from my home.

The Vocal Science method offered the most medically sound and logically-scientific approach to treating my vocal cord(s) diagnosis without surgery. I researched the techniques that Diana was using at the (founded-by-her) Royans Professional Vocal School and felt that this might be the miracle cure I was hoping for when nobody else could help. I reached out to Diana and I was so impressed by her detailed assessment and treatment plan that I signed up for 30 hours of instruction and natural treatment.

To date, I have taken 12 hours of instruction from Diana and I am already able to project my voice better than I was able to for the last 10 years. Currently, I can carry on conversations for long periods of time with no sore throat and very little hoarseness, if even at all.

My medical knowledge and special education training helped me to understand the physical aspects of the training and the actual program. It was remarkable to learn how my current speaking technique was damaging my vocal cords on a daily basis. I was amazed at how Diana’s acute assessment skills and experience quickly pinpointed some key areas of repetitive speaking habits that were chronically irritating my vocal cords. The Vocal Science program is based on a scientific approach to retraining the speaking and/or singing voice. Diana is an amazing instructor and her program requires focus, dedication and perseverance. I can only compare it to the challenge of learning a new language – or to a stroke patient who would be trying to learn to speak again. Throughout this first 12 hours of instruction, I had been visiting my physician, my ENT specialist and my dentist specializing in holistic medicine.

The above-mentioned specialists were truly amazed in my progress with my speaking voice and my health improvement overall. They asked me to give them Diana’s business cards so they could check her websites and learn how it became possible in such a short period of time to improve one’s voice and health.

On a separate but related note; I got extremely excited during this weekend because I actually sang

at church for the first time in about 1.5 years and chatted easily with family on Father’s Day. I have not completed my entire course of 30 hours yet, but I am excited for the future and I have hope back in my life all thanks to Diana and her Vocal Science method. I feel like I have been re-born and that is all thanks to Diana.

– Louise Mallows

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About The Royans Institute for Non-surgical Voice Repair:

Since 1984, Diana Yampolsky, the creator of the Vocal ScienceTM method and technique, has successfully helped thousands of patients recover and improve their speaking and singing voices with the use of her unique and truly revolutionary accelerated vocal development programs.

If you suffering from a voice problem and are looking for the best method of healing your voice, The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair can help. You can contact their headquarters in Ontario, Canada via their phone number or email address – located within their official website – https://www.repairyourvoice.com

If you suffering from a voice problem and are looking for the best method of healing your voice, The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair can help. You can contact their headquarters in Ontario, Canada via their phone number or email address.

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