November 27th: Vocal Science Exploratory Group Session


Where is it? 

The Royans Professional Vocal School – Division of The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair/Vocal Retreat.

52 Hollis Crescent
Holland Landing, Ontario Canada  L9N 1E9 (MAP)
– 40 minutes north of Toronto (GTA) –

– 5 minutes north of Newmarket –

When is it?

November 27th, 2016 | 12:30am – 6:30pm


  • 12:30PM – 3:00 PM: assessment, evaluation, voice/vocal instruction and repair.
  • 3:00PM – 4:00 PM: Break time.
  • 4:00PM – 6:30 PM: Advanced voice/vocal instruction and voice restoration.
    Note: Basic herbal kit provided for all voice repair participants.

What is it ?  

 This Exploratory Group Session is a 1 day semi-private interactive class that allows aspiring speakers & singers to get introduced to the innovative Vocal Science™ technique, guided by Master Voice/Vocal Coach and renowned Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist, Diana Yampolsky.

For those with vocal problems, it will be an opportunity to have a preview on how to solve, and mainly prevent, voice and vocal problems.

NOTE: Registration is limited to 6 participants, so that Diana can allocate as much individual attention as possible to each participant.

Participants will be provided with a complementary lunch.

Cost: $185  (Tax Included)



Las Vegas Healthy Voice Workshop Summit. (Limited Seating!)

Las Vegas Healthy Voice Workshop Summit.

We are here for you if you need us and we will be there, (where you are residing), if we are needed.

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Vocal Science – London UK Stopover (COMPLETE)


Attention London, UK.

Ms. Yampolsky will be holding informal (FREE) Voice/Vocal/Voice Repair consultations on August the 9th and August the 19th while in transit to the Middle East. Do not miss this opportunity to meet with the world renowned, voice specialist!

Vocal Science Group Session – Over Capacity

Hello Everyone!

We are happy to announce that our ‘Health With Voice Vocal Workshop’ (to be held on August the 21st) has had an overwhelming response. Thus we have exceeded the capacity of our original venue.

Therefore, we are considering to change the venue and hold it in one of the conference rooms of one of Newmarket’s prominent hotels

If still interested in taking part in this invaluable group session (semi private instruction for only$185 – 13% tax included), contact us:

Two New International Students – Now Enrolled into our Voice Repair Program.

Two New International Students – Now Enrolled into our Voice Repair Program.

The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair

We now welcome two new international students for our Non-Surgical Voice repair curriculum. One of whom is from New Zealand. The student’s representative/manager (Aynur Rider) has indicated that and our student has been diagnosed with MTD (Muscle Tension Dysphonia) and has come to us to be free of her vocal disorder.

And the other international student is known as Trisha B from the United States. She has come to us seeking relief from a Communication Difficulties Disorder, which she has been suffering from for an extended period of time.

We will keep you updated with the synopsis of their progress.





Health With Voice Workshop – Sold Out!

Our Summer (Health With Voice) Vocal Science Exploratory Group Session , taking place on August 21st is now – SOLD  OUT!
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New Article: Voice Disorders – Attending to The Human Voice.

Check out our New Article: 

Voice Disorders – Attending to The Human Voice is Not One Thing We Do; It Is the ONLY thing we do!

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