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November 25th Pre-Holiday Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop!

For past, present & future participants of our Vocal Science Workshop Summits! Come join us in our November 25th 2018 Pre-Holidays Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop!

– 4 Spots Remaining! –

Vocal Science Vocal Workshop - November 25th

For those who would like to learn the innovative Vocal Science™ technique, guided by Master Voice/Vocal Coach, Vocal Producer and renowned Voice Repair Specialist, Diana Yampolsky, we have another upcoming workshop taking place on November the 25th 2018.

This workshop is also designed to help those who suffer from voice disorders & vocal problems. It will be a great opportunity to preview what it takes to treat and (when needed) prevent various forms of voice disorders and vocal problems.

We have 4 Spots remaining for this special Workshop.

Again, whether you’re a speaker, singer or someone who suffers from a voice disorder, this workshop is one of the best opportunities to learn how we can help you eliminate vocal problems and maximize the use of your voice!

For more first-hand information about this event or if you would like to participate, contact us today!

You can also check out our “Healthy Voice Workshop” Section to learn more about other workshop events and dates!

– Vocal Science – Let your voice come to life! –