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Alisa B – Testimonial 2

Alisa B Serebro - Strained Vocal Cords & Muscle Tension Dysphonia

We would like to introduce you to Alisa B – French teacher of Stouffville, Ontario, who attended one of our latest workshops. In this workshop, she (and of course, other participants) witnessed the transformation of the aforementioned Rich W of the Chicago area, Illinois.

Please see her comments below:

At the beginning, Rich was very quiet and reserved. As the workshop progressed, with Diana’s personalized approach and encouragement, I noticed he became more animated. Not only did the voice improve and become more clear, but the countenance of the face lifted. This made me realize that the voice is truly connected to the soul and rest of the body. If your voice is struggling, it is only a symptom of other struggles in life, such as emotional pain or physical health. As Diana helps set the voice in order, you can see right away that those other areas are receiving the benefit as well.” – Alisa Boukine, OCT, BA, BEd

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