News Flash: December 1st Pre-Christmas Group Session Details!

Maximize Your Vocals – Join Our Vocal Science Session Workshop!

Our December 1st Group Session is designed to help you understand what it takes to restore and/or improve the quality of your speaking and singing voice!

Currently, we have 5 spots left for this date!
Hurry, as it will be sold out super fast!
Price for this event – $185

If interested in reserving a spot, contact us:

Sept 29th Vocal Workshop News Update

For those who would like to learn the innovative Vocal Science™ technique, guided by Master Voice/Vocal Coach, Vocal Producer and renowned Voice Repair Specialist, Diana Yampolsky, we have another upcoming workshop taking place on September the 25th 2019.

This workshop is also designed to help those who suffer from voice disorders & vocal problems. It will be a great opportunity to preview what it takes to treat and (when needed) prevent various forms of voice disorders and vocal problems.

We have 3 Spots remaining for this special Workshop.

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Inspirational testimonial from Arielle Y (AKA Maggie Y) – former Muscle Tension Dysphonia sufferer.

We now have an additional, inspirational Voice Repair testimonial from Arielle Y (AKA Maggie Y), former Muscle Tension Dysphonia sufferer – University of Toronto Graduate & Digital Marketing Expert. You can view her informative testimonial by clicking HERE! (Or by clicking on the image above)

New Pilot Promotion for International Clients!

New Pilot Promotion for International Clients!

Effective August 5th, until September 3rd: We will be offering to our international clients $500 CAD towards their flight to us and payment for their hotel stay ( designated by us while taking our services ) – up to 7 nights!

The above will be valid if paid in full (in USD) – the price which will be current on the day of their registration.

– Some conditions apply –

The above project is subject to change without notice!

We are now accepting partial payments.

We are now accepting up to 4 partial payments towards any of our courses’ tuition fees ( consisting a minimum of 30 hours of instruction and treatment ).

The final payment, however, has to be remitted no later than 2 weeks prior to the commencement of any of our services. | -Some conditions apply- |

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Vocal Science™ By the common opinion of our 25,000 satisfied clients (since 1984)…, We Are The Best in Voice Restoration and Enhancement!

Informative Synopsis: Attention Spasmodic Dysphonia Sufferers.

Attention Spasmodic Dysphonia Sufferers: We can assure you that there is hope for a full recovery of your voice – in most cases! Within the link above, please read the synopsis of our present voice repair client and SD sufferer, Tanya G

We had received a client suffering from the Spasmodic Dysphonia voice disorder. She came to us (just 4 days ago) from another side of the planet – New Zealand! We’ve learned that it took her over 22 hours to fly to us – to Toronto, Canada.

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Now we would like to welcome our client who is flying to us, as we speak, from New Zealand.

Her name is Tania G and she is a Spasmodic Dysphonia sufferer.

To Tania’s credit, she never gave up looking for a treatment of such a nasty voice disorder and not even gave up on finding a cure – whereas the conventional medicine has been confirming in each and every publication that there is no cure for such disorder can be administered. (READ MORE BELOW)

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