Case-study of the Vocal Science technique

The last 4 years that I’ve been playing in bands, I have been singing at 20% of my potential. I would have never figured out proper technique by myself. Not through any 20-minute free YouTube video, or reading a book, taking one vocal lesson from some Joe blow, or trying to take an easy way out. ” 

– Megan Stewart, Up and coming Singer/Songwriter

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(One month after completion of 40 hours of instruction and natural herbal and homeopathic treatment).

“My voice is holding up nicely, I had 2 functions at the weekend and it didn’t hurt at all!!!” – Lots of love, Wenke

(You can also read Wenke’s review about Diana Yampolsky’s book “Vocal     Science – Flight to the Universe” on

Attention Texas and other States in the USA! (Complete)

Ms. Diana Yampolksy – Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist/Master Vocal Coach, will be working out of Dallas, Texas USA and will be repairing and teaching voices starting on January the 5th  through January the 13th 2016.

  • If anyone of you is interested in the unique approach to speech/singing development or Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Please contact Ms. Yampolsky, at 416-857-8741, or email us at Info@vocalscience.comWe will be offering consultations, exploratory sessions and 10 to 15-hour duration courses. However, please be advised that space is very limited.

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  • We are very proud of our former client, Lukas Rossi, for utilizing the best of the the Vocal Science technique.
The cost for the above is only $185.00 (Tax included)
Hurry! It will be gone soon!
Our Present and future voice repair clients can indulge into the reading of Ms. Yampolsky’s new blog titled: Danger!!! Do not attempt to do any vocal exercises over the Internet or using related CD’s or even DVD’s. Your voice may be in jeopardy!
Vocal Science. Practice makes perfect… but not always.

Also, If interested in our special Case-Study programs, please enquire about it via our email:, or call Diana Yampolsky directly at: 416-857-8741

  • Vera Del-Vecchio – Barrie Ontario, Canada (Natural Mother Nature’s Solutions Export.)Vocal box damage due to surgery intubation.
    She was offered to undergo two throat surgeries by doctors with no promise of ever regaining her regular speaking voice.

    For those who are aspiring to become stars in musical theatre, watch her Inspiring video & read the testimonial from Holly Rubich – Elementary School Teacher from Florida, US.

    • We are happy to announce and welcome 4 up-coming singing and voice repair clients from out-of-country!

      – New voice repair/singing client from New York, US – John P
      – Former speech/singing voice repair client, now singing client from
         Florida US – Holly R
      – New voice repair/ speech – singing client from Australia – Adam R
      – New voice repair/singing client from Utah, US – Elizabeth C
      • Stay tuned to celebrate their success and read their post-course letters after they complete their journey in Canada!
  • To celebrate them and the upcoming American Thanksgiving, we will offer, (starting this Sunday, October the 18th and ending on Sunday, October the 25th), special treatment for our out-of-country clients.

    Within that timeframe, we will be charging all of our fees in Canadian currency which will save our international clients over 30% on the currency exchange.

    Also, for everyone else, within the above designated times, we are offering a special which we call, “We Pay Your HST Event”,

    That said, it will save our potential clients an additional 13% on Harmonizes Sales Tax in Ontario.

    From the day of the registration for any of our courses, the potential client has 90 days to arrive to their designated course.

    So our potential clients could take advantage of this opportunity now and arrive to receive their instruction and voice repair services upon mutual agreement between them and our enterprise.

    Our Present and future voice repair clients can indulge into the reading of Ms. Yampolsky’s new blog titled: Vocal Disorder: Some people, as it appears to be, love having it? 

    You can also read Ms. Yampolsky’s review on the Niagara Falls event titled:

    Niagara Falls “Legends” in Concert Overview.
    And lastly, Diana has just finished a 20 hour case study course with the aspiring musician/singer songwriter, Timothy Bartsch.

    Timothy Bartsch 1

“Having studied with many ‘masters’ over the years, I was under the opinion that it did not really matter so much who one’s teacher was, because, in the end, the student had to do the work and figure out how to perform to a higher standard in his/her own mind. Diana’s method has defied this assumption. An excellent, enormously experienced teacher can make a life-changing difference.” – Timothy Bartsch – Professional Musician
We hope that the observations and beliefs by our student Timothy Bartsch will inspire you and help you realise your dream. If interested in our special Case-Study programs, please enquire about it via our email:, or call Diana Yampolsky directly at: 416-857-8741

However, please note:  All specials announced by The Royans Professional Vocal School (Vocal Science™) are subject to change without notice.

Check out our new blog titled: Vocal Science: Love Your Voice – Love Yourself!!!

Noreitta Before After Rough_86720

Congratulations to all of our participants in our Vocal Science Exploratory Group Session, conducted on Sunday, December the 13th!



“Vocal Science: Life Alteration & Transformation through Voice Restoration”

Bob Harris, (1 year after completing the 30 hours of voice repair course/treatment & Master vocal coaching), gives us a summery of his journey with his previous voice troubles.

See his previous letters after he completed his vocal journey with us!


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Course Letters section to witness their latest achievements and the recovery of their voices.

Can You Face Your Vocal Problems, or Are You trying To Sugarcoat Your Feelings?

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Congratulations to our former Singing student, Chris Ning, for landing a role as Judas Iscariot in the Musical: Jesus Christ Superstar, which is being put on by the Brampton Music Theatre. The performances are from March 31 2016 – April 9