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Involved in an accident of any sort, compromising your voice?

Vocal Science: Were You Involved In A Car Accident, Or Any Other Accident Of Sorts? Had Your Voice/Vocal Anatomy Ended Up Compromised In Any Way, Shape Or Form?

If so, we can help to restore your speaking and/or singing voice!

Fix your voice, regain your voice and maintain your voice for a lifetime! – This is our motto!

More often then before, we are getting inquiries from people who (at one time or another) had been involved in some kind of an accident; and due to that fact, their voices (and vocal anatomy in general) ended up being severely injured. Most common, of course, are automobile accidents; but there are also work-related accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and fall accidents and pedestrian-related accidents.

In our roster of voice repair clients, we had a person who, due to the bicycle accident, fell with his throat right onto the handlebars; and thus damaged some parts of his vocal box. We also had a person who was working on a construction site and, somehow, the electric saw fell DIRECTLY ON HIS THROAT…, in this case, the cut happened to be on one of the vocal cords.


We also had a martial artist in training, who did not give the appropriate sign to his opponent (during a choke-hold) to stop chocking his throat; and thus, our client ended up with broken cartilage in his vocal anatomy. Needless to say, we came across quite a few people who woke up after an automobile accident with their speech-center (in their brain), quite damaged. 


The above are just a few examples from our practice.

In the worst case scenario, some of our voice repair clients were actually singers in their healthy pasts. Since the parts of their anatomy were damaged, due to their accidents, some of them were told by doctors that they would never be able to sing ever again. Obviously, receiving that kind of news, caused total devastation to the use-to-be singers. In majority of cases, their speech was also quite compromised.
The medical profession, in most cases, unfortunately, did not offer much of a solution… They just articulated to the patient a very undesirable (and negative in its nature) verdict.
Some sufferers agreed with that and went on with their lives the best they could. Others had been looking day in and day out for an alternative solution; and hoping one day, some day, to reclaim their regular lives back, and maybe, even speak normally and even sing again…?
How realistic is that? 
Unfortunately in some cases, it may not be… but in other (more mild) cases, it is actually possible!
For those who just want to speak normal (or close to normal) again, it is more realistic then for those who want to sing as good as before…and better. The speaking and singing voice are definitely related in nature and the mechanical application of both is mostly the same… However, to restore the singing voice, it would take an enormous effort and persistence from the sufferer and from the alternative voice repair specialist as well
Of course, it all depends on the severity of the vocal anatomy damage and, nevertheless, on the alertness, desire and enormous perseverance and patience from the voice repair client him/herself.
The mechanics (of the speaking and/or singing voice) need to be fully restored via repetition – over and over of certain words, syllables and vowels.
The voice now has to be redirected to an alternative set of muscles in one’s face, so that that damaged vocal anatomy would play a lesser role in the actual production of the sound.
In this instance, the pressure of the sound will be removed from the damaged vocal anatomy; and then, in turn, the vocal anatomy itself will become stronger, while also concurrently being nourished with natural herbs and (when needed) homeopathic remedies.
The facial muscles’ memory will be assured and the abdominal muscles will become strengthened; thus allowing the voice to be “fully lifted”; therefore, allowing the sound of the voice to “soar with the ease of the eagles”, in a manner of speaking!
With respect of the singing voice, we would need to establish a proper tone and also assure a proper pitch.
Once the voice is ready to accept the above, we would need to create a whole new approach to a singing voice mechanics.
Now we would have to employ not only speech exercises, but also singing exercises reflecting the certain sounds, duration and pitch, i.e., (what is called in music notation) intervals. The song, naturally, would consist of only so many different combinations of sounds, duration and pitch.
Those combinations (intervals) will also exist in only so many situations…
So while adapting the knowledge of all possible combinations of sounds, duration and pitch, and exercising all possible situations where they may and will exist, the use-to-be voice repair patient will actually transform to a singing student and, quite possibly, will become a singer again…. and, in this instance, we will guarantee that the quality of singing (and the now-recovered voice in general) will be nothing short of miraculous…!
The latter, of course, will take such place only in the best case scenario and in a case where the damage is reversible. 
We, at The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, guarantee to employ our best efforts, unprecedented expertise and enormous experience.
On this note, we would like to make a statement:
“If you do not fail your efforts to conquer all of the obstacles there might be…, we, in turn, promise that we will not ever fail you!