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We Provide Treatment for Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD)

Vocal Cord Sysfunction

  Symptoms of Vocal Cord Dysfunction  

Vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) symptoms consist of:

  • Shortness of breath (asthma-like symptoms)
  • Minimal inhalation
  • Out of breath sensation
  • lightheadedness & headaches

How do we treat Vocal Cord Dysfunction? 

  At The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, we do specially designed speech exercises, coupled with specific body movements. (nothing remotely close to what the regular conventional speech therapists offer). Our exercises have a specific purpose and they always work without failure. The main objective is to remove the pressure of the sound off of the vocal box and off of the vocal cords which would then allow the person to acquire a proper breathing path.

– The conventional vocal coaching also suggests to ‘”stick the stomach out while breathing”, which is totally wrong, as it promotes more pressure on the vocal box; and thus, the breathing pass (in that situation) would become narrower and the air passage would become more restricted.

My exercises are designed to lift one’s voice off of the vocal box, off of the vocal cords to achieve the results described above.

In this instance, the voice will be restructured from the vocal anatomy into the set of the facial muscles. Those facial muscles will begin to work in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles; and thus the use of the vocal cords will be significantly minimized.

The breathing will (in itself) possess 3 components where the lower abdomen (the stomach muscles) will be tucked in to assure the air supply and the support for the lift (height) of the sound. The upper diaphragm (rib cage) will be opening and closing to assure the body of the sound with the proper air intake. It actually works in the same principal as an accordion, where the latter also works on air-use.

I will teach anyone how to impliment this wholesome mechanism; and thus put all of the anatomy and physiology in total balance.

So ultimately and initially, the lower abdomen will be supporting the height of the sound (i.e., will be in charge of providing the release of the pressure on the vocal box in general and vocal cords in particular); thus allowing the air flow to travel freely. As for the upper diaphragm, it will be controlling proper distribution of air supply.

The Vocal Science(TM) method is also a very intelligent and intellectual method of visualization. It advocates the proper application of the sound while concurrently being consistent with the laws of physics and geometry.

In this instance, the sound of the voice is being treated as a physical material body which will travel as such: relatively, respectively and prospectively to the parameters of the physical body.

With all of the above, a set of very fine and specific natural herbs and some homeopathic remedies will be administered. Those remedies will also play an instrumental role with respect of the elimination of all of the impurities (mucus and gastric acid) while assuring the natural healing of the vocal anatomy overall.

If you are suffering from a voice/vocal disorder and are looking for a fast and efficient way of rectifying it, Contact Us.

We are here to help.

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