New Article about Voice Damage!

“This is your riddle: You Have Voice Damage… How would you choose to fix it?”

To solve this riddle which highlights the importance of what it takes to non-surgically restore one’s voice, check out our informative article. You can view this article by clicking on the title above.

34th Anniversary Workshop 2018 – COMPLETE!

Another attendee as signed up!

Our upcoming workshop, taking place on March the 4th, 2018, has been completed!!

This workshop took place on March the 4th, 2018.

If you are interested in participating in this, or other exciting and educational events like this one, check out our site’s Healthy Voice Workshops page on our sister website ( for more info about additional workshop dates!

Vocal Science – Special January Promotion!

8 Hour Introductory/Exploratory Master Course! 

Now available to be delivered to you within 2 consecutive days.

Vocal Science Ad - 8 hour Special Promotion.png

( Weekends and most holidays included! )

Hurry… This discounted rate will only be available until January 15th, inclusively!

Get your full assessment and evaluation and learn how to conquer all of your voice/vocal problems with our revolutionary Vocal Science™ Method!

Attention Out-Of-Country Speaker, Singer and Voice Repair Clients!

We are happy to announce a special promotion which might be applicable to you.
Starting on November the 23rd and ending on November the 30th (for one week only), we will be charging all of our fees for all of our services in Canadian currency!

With that said, not only will you be able to obtain holiday specials within that time and save a significant amount of money, you will also be able to save an additional 35%/40% on the currency exchange!

Once registered, you will have up to 60 days to arrive to your course/treatment.
Either way, we are primarily booking January right now; however, we still have a couple of spots (here and there) available in December.

For more information, contact us!
We hope to see you and meet you in person soon!

Non-Surgical Voice Repair – Is It Just a Lisp… or Perhaps Something Else That’s Causing It?

For those interested in, or who have been suffering from, voice/speech problems/disorders like lisping, here is an informative article that gives some insight to the problems and treatment methods of such a disorder.
It is titled:

Welcome! 7 New Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit Participants.

Today, we would like to welcome 7 beautiful people (quite a few of them are former Royans students) who will be attending our Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit on July the 16th.

:Their Names Are:

Peter Morrell from Markham, Ontario Canada – Present and past student and attendee of numerous Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops –

Jennifer Herman from Markham Ontario, Canada – Present and past student and attendee of numerous Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops –

Noreitta Ramocan from Toronto, Canada – Attendee of numerous Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops –

Mary Ellen from Ottawa/Kingston Ontario – Present and past student and attendee of several Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops –

Tanya Kashkarov from Toronto, Canada – Past student of 1996 –

Ben Lee Toronto, Canada- New student and new attendee of this upcoming Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshop –

Julie Joshua from Nevada, USA – New attendee of our upcoming Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshop –

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