Article: Give Your Child a Gift of a Desired Voice, Confidence and Self-Esteem!

Our Vocal Science™ Program can help your child achieve it all! To illustrate this, we have written an article tailored to parents who would like to bring out the full potential of their children’s abilities (vocally and otherwise)!

It is titled: Give your child a gift of a desired voice, confidence and self-esteem!

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Article: Vocal Problems Due To Surgical Interference.

Vocal Problems Due To Surgical Interference: What Could Be Done To Rectify It?

Check out our informative article titled: Vocal Problems Due To Surgical Interference: What Could Be Done To Rectify It? “YOUR better voice tomorrow, starts with US today!”

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Trisha B: Testimonial/Case Study – Report

Check out the elaborate Testimonial/Case Study Report from Trisha Buster for Milwaukee, WI USA – Computer Instructor of Holland America Cruises.

This detailed report (LInked HERE) sheds light onto what she had experienced while she was undergoing 30 hours of the Non-Surgical Voice Repair Course, which was conducted by Master Voice Repair Specialist, Diana Yampolsky.

Article: “My Voice Is Gone – What Could I Do?”

We have an article that gives you insight on what to do if you feel that you are losing your voice: “My Voice Is Gone And My Throat Hurts. What Could I Do?

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Sep 23rd & Sep 30th Vocal Workshop Success!

ATTENTION! Our September 23rd and September 30th, 2018 Healthy Voice/Vocal workshop are OFFICIALLY COMPLETE and has been a huge success!

Within this workshop, we had the pleasure of showing our very enthusiastic and well-rounded participants a taste of what the Vocal Science Method can do for their speaking and singing voices!

Check out the testimonials from our participants who took part in this fun & educational event, by clicking HERE.

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Happy Independence Day – From Vocal Science!

And to acknowledge it even more, we will be offering all of our US clients our services in Canadian dollars!

To all our American clients, we would like to wish a Happy Independence Day! We, here in Canada, appreciate this celebration. And to acknowledge it, even more, we will be offering all of our US clients our services in Canadian dollars! With this in mind, you are guaranteed to save up to 40% on the currency exchange!

But this offer will not be there forever… It will end on July the 15th! We hope to hear from you soon and will be welcoming you to obtain our invaluable services for a very affordable price for you.

(Complete) July 8th healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop!

Our July 8th Vocal Science Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit, 2018 now Complete!

Overall, these workshops are designed for everyday people who rely on their voices for work & everyday life, as well as professionals (speakers and singers)!

These workshops are also designed to teach you how to apply a unique and revolutionary voice/vocal technique that will increase the vocal longevity and maintain the health of ones’ speaking and singing voice!

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