Trisha B: Testimonial/Case Study – Report

Check out the elaborate Testimonial/Case Study Report from Trisha Buster for Milwaukee, WI USA – Computer Instructor of Holland America Cruises.

This detailed report (LInked HERE) sheds light onto what she had experienced while she was undergoing 30 hours of the Non-Surgical Voice Repair Course, which was conducted by Master Voice Repair Specialist, Diana Yampolsky.

Article – Psychological aspects of Voice Disorders

“We are your healthy voice consultants: Psychological aspects of Voice Disorders.

What do we mean by the above? Find out by checking out our informative article that sheds light onto the psychological aspects of voice disorders.

Article – Vocal Science: Regain Your Voice – Reclaim Your Life

Check out our inspirational and insightful article that can help those with voice disorders find hope with respect to regaining their voices.

Title – Vocal Science: Regain Your Voice – Reclaim Your Life!