Trisha B: Testimonial/Case Study – Report

Check out the elaborate Testimonial/Case Study Report from Trisha Buster for Milwaukee, WI USA – Computer Instructor of Holland America Cruises.

This detailed report (LInked HERE) sheds light onto what she had experienced while she was undergoing 30 hours of the Non-Surgical Voice Repair Course, which was conducted by Master Voice Repair Specialist, Diana Yampolsky.

Article: “My Voice Is Gone – What Could I Do?”

We have an article that gives you insight on what to do if you feel that you are losing your voice: “My Voice Is Gone And My Throat Hurts. What Could I Do?

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Special Offer for Voice Repair

When it comes to speaking or singing, the quality of your voice matters, and we would like to make sure that you are getting the best value from our unique and effective voice care services – Therefore we have an exciting bit of news for you.

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Get an extra 5 hours with the 10 hour course price and make it 15 hours in total,
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Get an extra 10 hours with the 20 hour course price and make it 30 hour course,
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And lastly, get an extra 20 hours with our deluxe (protocol) 30 hour course and make it 50 hours of our very unique voice/vocal instruction and advanced natural herbal treatment!


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Welcoming Our New Voice Repair client | Singer/Songwriter, Jon S

We are happy to announce that, on this weekend, (April the 15th, onward), we will be welcoming a new singer/songwriter from out-of country who is in need of singing voice repair!
Stay tuned to hear Jon Synnestvedt’s success story, after the completion of his voice repair journey with us.

New workshops coming up on Feburary 10th – 11th & 18th!

We have new workshops coming up on February 10th – 11th & 18th!

These are special workshops for professionals & everyday people who rely on their voices for work & everyday life!

They are also designed to teach others about a unique and revolutionary voice/vocal technique that will increase the vocal longevity and maintain the health of ones’ speaking and singing voice!

For more information on how you can participate in these events, check out the link HERE  or Contact Us via phone or email: 416-857-8741 | 

Mr. Gospel Osei Tutu – 30 Hour Non-Surgical Voice Repair Course & Treatment Completion!

The Royans Professional Vocal School, a division of The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, is proud to announce that Mr. Gospel Osei Tutu (a highly regarded Bishop from Baltimore, USA) has successfully completed the 30-hour non-surgical voice repair course and treatment!

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New Article: “What Once Was Lost, Can Now Be Found With The Vocal Science™ Method!”

Check out our informative article:

“Non-Surgical Voice Repair: What Once Was Lost, Can Now Be Found With The Vocal Science™ Method!”

“No matter what has happened to you and your voice, your healing journey starts here and now, with us!”