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Voice Repair Treatment in London, UK – Nov 21st to Nov 26th, 2019!

Vocal Science - Coming to London UK 2019

Attention residents of the United Kingdom and other European countries!

We would like to reintroduce to you three beautiful women who are about to undergo our famous Non-Surgical Voice Repair courses, coupled with natural herbal treatments in London, U.K.!

Their names are:

Charlotte W, Wenke L.G and Moon ACharlotte W of Central London U.K. – had undergone an unrelated surgery; and, as a result, ended up with damaged vocal cord(s).

Wenke L.G of Solihull, Birmingham – had undergone several vocal operations that were designed to remove unwanted recurring growths from her vocal cords. The above procedure(s) had significantly compromised the quality of her voice.

Moon A of Amsterdam, Netherlands – is a Spasmodic Dysphonia sufferer. This very debilitating voice disorder was caused by severe emotional distress…

Once again, stay tuned to hear their voice recovery success stories.