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Welcome! 7 New Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit Participants.

Healthy Voice Vocal Workshop Summit Group Pic

Today, we would like to welcome 7 beautiful people (quite a few of them are former Royans students) who will be attending our Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit on July the 16th.

:Their Names Are:

Peter Morrell from Markham, Ontario Canada – Present and past student and attendee of numerous Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops –

Jennifer Herman from Markham Ontario, Canada – Present and past student and attendee of numerous Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops –

Noreitta Ramocan from Toronto, Canada – Attendee of numerous Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops –

Mary Ellen from Ottawa/Kingston Ontario – Present and past student and attendee of several Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops –

Tanya Kashkarov from Toronto, Canada – Past student of 1996 –

Ben Lee Toronto, Canada- New student and new attendee of this upcoming Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshop –

Julie Joshua from Nevada, USA – New attendee of our upcoming Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshop –


As you see, all of our workshops are very popular and get booked very fast (not to mention overbooked like this one).
In fact.., our two next upcoming Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshops, will he held on August the 13th (additional one and previously not scheduled) and on October the 1st.
For each of them, we have available one spot and one spot in reserve.

So hurry to book your place for participation; such as you could witness from the above list that we have a lot of regulars who have been repeating those workshops time and time again.

We will be happy to also see YOU there 🙂

More info about these fun, exciting and educational events can be found on the Healthy Voice Workshops section/page on our sister site – www.vocalscience.com

For more information, you can Contact Us at:

Info@VocalSciecne.com or 416-857-8741