News Flash: December 1st Pre-Christmas Group Session Details!

Maximize Your Vocals – Join Our Vocal Science Session Workshop!

Our December 1st Group Session is designed to help you understand what it takes to restore and/or improve the quality of your speaking and singing voice!

Currently, we have 5 spots left for this date!
Hurry, as it will be sold out super fast!
Price for this event – $185

If interested in reserving a spot, contact us:

Sept 29th Vocal Workshop News Update

For those who would like to learn the innovative Vocal Science™ technique, guided by Master Voice/Vocal Coach, Vocal Producer and renowned Voice Repair Specialist, Diana Yampolsky, we have another upcoming workshop taking place on September the 25th 2019.

This workshop is also designed to help those who suffer from voice disorders & vocal problems. It will be a great opportunity to preview what it takes to treat and (when needed) prevent various forms of voice disorders and vocal problems.

We have 3 Spots remaining for this special Workshop.

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April 23rd Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit – 1 Spot Remaining!

Our Vocal Science Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit, starting April the 23rd 2017, now has only 1 spot remaining!

If you are interested in participating in this event, check out our site’s Healthy Voice Workshops section for more details!

You can also contact us at: 416-857-8741 or to sign up!

Jennifer Cross: Feedback – After Instruction and December 4th Workshop

Check out the awesome feedback of Jennifer Cross – Opera Singer (with vocal issues for many years) from Brooklyn, New York, USA, (After just 2 hours of private instruction with Diana Yampolsky and the participation in the Dec 4th Vocal Science Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit!)
Jennifer Cross