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“The Royans Professional Vocal School”

Gursewak Brar – High Ticket Closer – (Originally from India) Now residing in Canada.

Diana has been one of the most important “forces” in the transformation of my life from being asleep to being awake.
I have a passion to become a high ticket salesman. For that, I learnt the required skills, but one thing was missing; a perfect voice to communicate my ideas.
English is my second language, and I had an Indian accent plus my voice was too nasal. I came to her with the hope to remove this obstacle in my path to success. Diana is so full of energy, life and commitment for the work she is doing; I couldn’t help but be caught up in her passion.
I have followed her instructions for 16 hours of one-on-one training so far and have experienced a significant and noticeable change in my voice. It’s no more nasal, and I sound more Canadian than ever. She has a well crafted unique style of coaching which elevates mind, body and spirit to project voice without straining the vocal cords, not the typical “gah gah – goo goo – neh neh neh” nonsense.
I can – without reservation – recommend Diana to you! She is a great coach and best of all – a great lady!
Gursewak Brar
High Ticket Closer