Division of
“The Royans Professional Vocal School”

Jordan Roy

“I have damaged my voice last year and had a lot of pain in my throat and in my neck. I had to quit singing in my band for a whole year while trying to seek help anywhere and everywhere. I have been through a few medical doctors, Gastroenterologists (who had diagnosed me with acid reflux) ENT specialists and several speech therapists; all to no avail.”

“After working with Diana for only a few hours, the pain in my neck muscles and in my throat had dramatically decreased. And even before the last 2 hours with Diana, I was already able to sing lead again and was able to handle 12 songs on stage with no difficulty; without experiencing any pain in my throat or hoarseness in my voice!”
“I wish I could have the money to stay with you all day here, Diana. I LOVE IT!”
– Jordan