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“The Royans Professional Vocal School”

Karen Gundling

Completed Course)
“After completing Diana’s 30 hours of voice instruction and natural herbal treatment, I literally feel like I have been “REBORN”! From being 100% incapacitated from muscle tension dysphonia (MTD), and from literally being suicidal, not once, but for four times, from this condition, there are NO words to explain how her treatment has affected me!!!

Her program is an all-encompassing, life-changing, earth shattering event!!! It is literally comparable to a “BOOTCAMP”! I know this as I have completed an 11 week “BOOTCAMP” with the Canadian Armed Forces! I came away from both “camps”with the new-founded, increased level of self-esteem, confidence and self-worth.

No college or university can “teach” her program! (and “YES” I have graduated from both college and university. I have obtained both my Early Childhood Development Certificate and my Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. )

And also, IF I MAY BE SO BOLD as to state that I challenge anyone, of any age, gender, race and/or religion, whether or not you want or need vocal repair or enhancement, to complete Diana’s 30 hour program! This program will improve, dramatically, your whole being, including your physical, emotional and spiritual aspect!

As a matter of fact, I believe both “BOOTCAMPS” should be mandatory!!!! This would enable each person to actually see what they would be able to accomplish, for them self!!!!!!

In conclusion, Diana’s 30 hours of unique voice instruction and treatment has given me back my LIFE!!! And she has restored my SANITY!!!! Her program is literally PRICELESS!!!!!”

Karen Gundling, RNBN
Gatineau, QC