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“The Royans Professional Vocal School”

Post Course Conversation between Ms. Diana Yampolsky and Arielle Y (AKA Maggie Y)!

Arielle Y - Voice Repair Student - MTD

Maggie had been travelling (for three weeks period of time) to Korea, China and Japan.

Ms. Yampolsky inquired about Maggie’s voice condition and below is Maggie’s reply:

“I probably had the best voice during my trip (likely due to mu mind/body/spirit alignment and liberation!)…

For nearly 10 years, Maggie had suffered from the Muscle Tension Dysphonia voice disorder. She tried numerous treatments and nothing had worked. After 30 hours of the Vocal Science™ instruction and treatment, Maggie also underwent 30 more hours of maintenance.

So now it looks like she reached her full voice recovery and restoration! Way to go Maggie (New Arielle)!

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