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Shania S – Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) Sufferer from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Natural and Alternative Treatment for Spasmodic Dysphonia

Dear Diana,

Thank you so much for the love and guidance you showed me in Toronto. I feel so blessed for this to have been my first time here, and I very much look forward to many more visits ahead.

Although initially, I was a bit intimidated from the outset and onwards, I greatly appreciated your raw honesty about my voice. I definitely needed to hear it all, and now have a much better understanding of what it takes to be a good voice user. There’s a lot of work ahead of me, but I know I will achieve it all with you by my side.

Thank you so much for treating me so special during my stay. I am very grateful to have you as a mentor and am thankful to be on this vocal journey with you.

With love,


Shania S – MTD Sufferer. Voice Repair Testimonial