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“The Royans Professional Vocal School”

Vocal Science welcomes two new singing/voice repair clients!

Have you ever had a thought, or were even told, that you could not sing… but really had the desire to do so?

We at The Royans Professional Vocal School & The Royans Institute for Surgical Voice Repair would like to welcome two new singing students/clients from out-of-country who will be coming shortly to acquire our non-surgical voice repair services!

The speech and singing voice repair client (Sue Chick D) will be coming to us on April the 30th from Canmore, Alberta.

The singing voice repair client (Alberto Mauiztic)  has arrived to Toronto, Canada today from Cozumel, Mexico. The singing voice repair client (Jon Synnestvedt) will be coming to us on April the 15th from Detroit, Michigan USA.

Stay tuned for more.