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“The Royans Professional Vocal School”

Update on our Alternative Services for the International Clients

Man Holding Bag of Herbs (Illustration)

Dear International client,

Are you still waiting for the borders to open up?

Of course… WE ALL ARE!

The question, though, is: Should we just sit and wait until the travel becomes available? 

OR: Should we take some action even before that happens?

What action you may ask, my reader?

For those who suffer from various voice disorders, in the interim, we can offer a “taste” of our selection of natural herbal remedies.

Those herbal remedies are very instrumental in healing one’s vocal anatomy and also related and unrelated underlying health problems.

Usually, when we work with the client in person, we offer our very unique voice/vocal technique coupled with natural herbal and some homeopathic treatments. 

We obviously can not offer the former right now but would be glad to offer the latter to those who are serious regarding their vocal health, restoration and enhancement of their voice.

To start with the herbal remedies would be a good beginning towards the achievement of vocal health.

So that when the person of interest will be ready to embark on our Vocal Science Voice Repair Course, it will be that much easier and that much faster to fix any voice/vocal problem(s), as half of the job will be already done.

We have a great demand for our voice repair kits, which we have been sending them all over the world!

Please be assured, in spite of popular demand for those herbal kits, we are still working with each and every client individually.

After they receive those invaluable, strong and pure herbal remedies, we provide our recipients with full descriptions of each and every remedy, as well as, very specific and very individual instructions on how to consume these remedies to achieve the ultimate desirable results.

We are offering FREE consultations over the phone and over WhatsApp.

In other words, from this point on, you will be under our care.

We don’t just talk about it – WE DO IT! 

As for you, no doubt, the above-mentioned will be a huge step to the right direction.

Make that step and get on the way to your voice recovery!