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Arielle Y (aka Maggie Y) – Testimonial.

Arielle Y - Voice Repair Student - MTD

Attention Muscle Tension Dysphonia Sufferers!

Check out this wonderful testimonial written by one of our current voice repair clients – University of Toronto Graduate, Digital Marketing Expert Arielle Y.

“Since being diagnosed with muscle tension dysphonia 7 years ago, I had given up hope after seeing various speech therapists and doctors with no results. It was only after discovering Diana and taking up on her unique approach that I finally began to witness real changes and drastic improvements in my voice. She was able to lift my voice to a completely new set of facial muscles and holistically heal my damaged vocal cords. It’s by no means an easy or quick fix, but she definitely has the real and only solution I know. The great improvements in my voice after just a few sets of hours have proven her methods truly do work. Diana has given me restored hope in fully recovering my voice from MTD!”

– Arielle Y (Aka Maggie Y): University of Toronto Graduate, Digital Marketing 

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