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News Feb 23rd, 2020 Vocal Workshop Success! (36th Anniversary!) has been updated.

Feb 23rd 2020 Workshop

Our Very special Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop, which was held on February 23rd, 2020 (and was dedicated to the 36th anniversary of The Royans Professional Vocal School). was a complete success!

Throughout the duration of this workshop, we had the pleasure of showing our very enthusiastic and well-rounded participants, a taste of what the Vocal Science Method, and it’s unique technique, can do for their speaking and singing voices!

This time around, we are, once again, celebrating the 36th anniversary of The Royans Professional Vocal School, aka, The Royans School for the Musical Performing Arts; and also it’s division – The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair.

Please see below to check out the video testimonials for this workshop!

Veronika H

one of our Vocal Science singing students from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. (She is also an avid attendee of many of our workshops)