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Now we would like to welcome our client who is flying to us, as we speak, from New Zealand.

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Her name is Tania G and she is a Spasmodic Dysphonia sufferer.

To Tania’s credit, she never gave up looking for a treatment of such a nasty voice disorder and not even gave up on finding a cure – whereas the conventional medicine has been confirming in each and every publication that there is no cure for such disorder can be administered. (READ MORE BELOW)

Partially, they are right, but not in all cases. I categorize this very complicated voice disorder ( similar to cancer ) containing 4 stages within the parameters of such illness. If the voice repair client would come with the aforementioned disorder at its stage 1 and 2, I was achieving very good and proven results; and, even in some cases, I was able to bring the sufferer’s voice back to at least 85% – 95%.

The above-described is applicable for where the spasms have some space between each other. If the spasms are fast and there is hardly any (if at all) straight line present during the conversation, I categorize it as stage 3 (somewhat treatable) or even stage 4 (where there is no treatment or cure can be achieved).

When we first got to know Tania, she said: “Everything this planet had to offer, I had already tried”. Unfortunately, her trying to achieve the desired result,  as of now, came to no avail. She said that the Vocal Science™ method and its holistic approach to voice mechanics is her last hope.

It took her nearly a year to pay off her bill for our services (due to family circumstances and some unfortunate events); but, as of 2 weeks ago, her mission was finally accomplished! 

Way to go, Tania!

From our side, we will employ our best efforts, our extensive experience and expertise to realize Tania’s dreams to whichever degree possible! Stay tuned! We will reveal to you the result upon completion of 50 hours of our famous Non-Surgical Voice Repair Course, coupled with Natural Herbal and some Homeopathic Treatment.

We will be in touch with you on the synopsis of the above matter and bring it to you as soon as it becomes available. We do hope, as for everybody else, that the best is yet to come for Tania and it is literally already around the corner!

Safe flight and happy landing in Toronto, Tania.

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