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Rodney and Chyrell Wedding

  • Rodney and Chyrell WeddingCongratulations to our former vocal student, Rodney Ronquillo and his new wife, Chyrell, starting a new life together!!!

    Yesterday (March 28th), my husband and I attended Rodney’s and Chyrell’s beautiful wedding which carried a musical theme throughout the big celebration.

    We witnessed not only a big love between the newlyweds but also a mutual love for music.

    For this occasion, Rodney wrote and produced a special love song for Chyrell.

    Throughout the last ten years, I have witnessed their ups and downs and finally a great success achieving and prospering their respective and mutual careers and their love for each other and their music.

    I was really touched by Rodney announcing out loud that a lot of his success and confidence he owes to me.

    Throughout their beautiful wedding event he personally came up to me several times over and said, “You gave me voice, you gave me confidence, you gave me inspiration to come to this point in my life, and because of you … I never gave up.”

Way to go, guys

Much Love and Respect,


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